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21 Jun 2021
@_oftc_Ford_Prefect:matrix.orgFord_Prefectyou might need `not disabled` instead10:47:06
@_oftc_i-garrison:matrix.orgi-garrison Ford_Prefect: I'm fine with it now, but the whole discussion around that is quite interesting 10:47:29
@_oftc_i-garrison:matrix.orgi-garrison my reasoning for sticking with HAVE_BLUEZ_5 is that we enable module if config.h has the macro which is in direct correspondence with all checks for 'bluez5' feature, no need to add extra variable 10:48:46
@_oftc_i-garrison:matrix.orgi-garrisonlike in, here abusing configuration data in a good way :)10:49:18
@_oftc_Ford_Prefect:matrix.orgFord_Prefect hehe, yeah, let's merge it 10:49:31
@_oftc_therion:matrix.org@_oftc_therion:matrix.org I still have some question regarding "module-tunnel-sink-new" - I ran into the bug when the play time couldnt be synchronized. Using this module fixed it. 11:59:00
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@_oftc_gchini:matrix.orggchinimh, it appears my nick is no longer registered at freenode, interesting ...12:47:52
@_oftc_Nei:matrix.orgNeisanity free node12:56:01
@_oftc_Nei:matrix.orgNeithey dropped all nicks and channels that are on libera. but you can re-register12:56:31
@_oftc_Nei:matrix.orgNeiif you had any reason to12:56:42
@_oftc_sensille:matrix.orgsensille that's stupid 12:56:54
@_oftc_sensille:matrix.orgsensille "act now if you want to stay with us" 12:57:24
@_oftc_broonie:matrix.orgbroonie I mean, everything else they've been doing seems so sensible and well thought through... 12:58:45
@_oftc_Nei:matrix.orgNeipositive reaffirmation12:58:52
@_oftc_Nei:matrix.orgNeigood for getting your new privacy policy signed12:59:20
@_oftc_gchini:matrix.orggchini ah, ok, I just wondered why I no longer existed, but that's fine for me. 13:50:15
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@_oftc_Ford_Prefect:matrix.orgFord_Prefectgchini: they wiped the db14:24:25
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