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19 Jun 2018
22:57:40@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelwell this person broke their phone and hasnt logged in with the new one
22:57:50@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelso they have no cached data
22:58:01@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelwhich is a plus
22:58:13@travis:t2l.ioTravisRalso it's worth pointing out that it's intentionally hard to delete data from matrix - that's the whole point.
22:58:53@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelyes i love what matrix is all about
22:59:00@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelwe just found our selves in a strange place
22:59:08@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelevery one is friends until something like this happens
22:59:31@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelok next question...... thanks for the help thus far
22:59:42@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickeldo you have url previews enabled and do they work ?
22:59:49@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelso we dont have to upload gifs
23:00:03@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy if you think these stuff will happen in the future, maybe it's better to switch to a centralized chat
23:01:14@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy or a room that don't federate
23:01:40@ol:infoserver.lvOleg GirkoSounds like tampering with evidence.
23:01:57@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickel Oleg Girko: hahahah love it 
23:02:17@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelits more of making your boss look bad
23:02:31@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelfor relation
23:02:36@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdynot necessarily, NDAs are not laws of physics
23:02:56@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelthis was a homelab project that turned to shadow IT so our hole office uses it
23:03:25@ol:infoserver.lvOleg GirkoRelation? Sounds like tampering evidence in sexual harrassment case.
23:04:00@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelsorry haha taking in to many rooms
23:04:38@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickeldo any of you have url previews enabled ? do they work for gifs ? or am i miss understanding what the URL preview is
23:05:10@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy you can't enlarge url previews i think, so it's probably not that useful
23:05:11@ol:infoserver.lvOleg GirkoThis room is copied on many homeservers, and its logs can be used as evidence that this tampering actually took place.
23:06:17@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelthe situation wouldn't end up in court it just someone trying to save face and not be put on blast
23:19:13@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelbut the url preview
23:19:18@David.Bahr:riot.nerdnightlax.comBelsnickelanyone have any experiance with that ?
20 Jun 2018
00:43:26@kevin:potatofrom.spacePneumaticat changed their profile picture.

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