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19 Oct 2018
17:38:30@harekiet:harekiet.comHarekiet set a profile picture.
17:57:38@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis Once you get used to the API structure, the calls aren’t too difficult.
18:01:20@silex:slxh.euSilke Harekiet: There's a swagger UI here: https://matrix.org/docs/api/client-server/
18:06:56@terry:oefd.caterry joined the room.
19:41:52@divert:liberrtad.netdivertUsing Postgres, is there a way to maintain the Database or will it just grow eternally?
19:43:42@divert:liberrtad.netdivertmaybe a way to delete old messages or something..
19:50:08@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis The /purge API.
19:51:46@divert:liberrtad.netdivert Thanks Thomas Lewis , where Can I find the documentatio to the said API?
19:55:42@divert:liberrtad.netdivertI tried here:
19:55:55@divert:liberrtad.netdivertbut it is not there!
19:56:45@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewishttps://GitHub.com/matrix-org/synapse
19:57:08@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis Go to the docs directory. It’s a Synapse feature, not in the core spec.
19:57:57@divert:liberrtad.netdivertThank you so much!
21:07:55@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanso, question
21:08:08@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanlast night, I accidentally hosed my homeserver, and had to do a rollback
21:08:40@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanso I dropped the messed up DB, loaded a backup, and restored the media cache as well
21:09:34@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanthough I'm seeing e.g. "2018-10-19 17:06:09,214 - synapse.http.server - 112 - ERROR - GET-2711- Failed handle request via <function _async_render_GET at 0x7f151233c5f0>: <XForwardedForRequest at 0x7f14c1200170 method=u'GET' uri=u'/_matrix/media/v1/thumbnail/matrix.org/jiLXhckAeKutyGkNCRwaboEU?width=150&height=150&method=scale' clientproto=u'HTTP/1.0' site=8008>: Traceback (most recent call last): " in the logs
21:10:01@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanpossibly because the media cache doesn't necessarily line up perfectly with the homeserver DB
21:10:40@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanso is there an easy way to merge folders, if a file exists from the messed up copy that's missing from the older backup
21:12:04@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmantl;dr: accidentally rsync'd folder :/var/lib/matrix-synapse /var/lib/matrix-synapse, which copies the remote to /var/lib/matrix-synapse/matrix-synapse
21:12:42@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanwhich means that some very new media probably ended up in the older version, and some ended up in the newer version, and now the db is rejecting stuff
21:17:00@fredcy:ostez.comfredcyCan't you just do the rsync over again with the correct source ("/" at the end)?
21:20:24@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanyeah, I'm currently trying a merge with rsync
21:22:17@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanand, crap, I forgot the / again
20 Oct 2018
01:56:19@nevin.desorcy:serverplus.comNevin set a profile picture.
02:03:02@zddewe:matrix.orgTouka Kirishima joined the room.
03:20:42@nevin.desorcy:serverplus.comNevin changed their profile picture.
09:49:01@ludger:33pinguine.dyndns.org@ludger:33pinguine.dyndns.org left the room.
03:24:16@nevin.desorcy:serverplus.comNevin removed their profile picture.

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