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24 Jan 2022
@_discord_881908717975650384:t2bot.ioMike Hawk fear really dedicated 15:17:17
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Yuhhhh 15:17:20
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Fear part of the family now 15:17:26
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro We got rid of Onyx 15:17:42
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Too much drama tbh I ain’t got time for it 15:18:01
@_discord_881908717975650384:t2bot.ioMike Hawk lmfaoo, I saw him chatting with neofox man. Kinda sad 15:18:19
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Bruh idem what he does 15:18:32
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro He tried to get people to leave H3ll 🤷🏻‍♂️ 15:18:39
@_discord_881908717975650384:t2bot.ioMike Hawk who's oxy? 15:20:15
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro I told him he had 1 Week to bring something since he was the only one not doing anything except bringing problems and I had to cover for them 15:20:27
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro And he said he didn’t care 15:20:32
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Then War got him out lol 15:20:37
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Oxy a friend 15:20:41
@_discord_656962312565030963:t2bot.ioGenAi QUESTIN 15:20:42
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Why ? 15:20:44
@_discord_881908717975650384:t2bot.ioMike Hawk nah, she/he idfk was saying something about logging messages 15:21:05
@_discord_926917267890008145:t2bot.ioNoro Send SS 15:21:15
@_discord_881908717975650384:t2bot.ioMike Hawkunknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_881908717975650384:t2bot.ioMike Hawk Fox on-training 15:22:20
@_discord_881908717975650384:t2bot.ioMike Hawk question 15:22:28
@_discord_319457647092826113:t2bot.ioKudos Corleone#1021 eh 16:07:55
@_discord_319457647092826113:t2bot.ioKudos Corleone#1021 Thats no fun, they dont even die lol 16:08:08
@_discord_319457647092826113:t2bot.ioKudos Corleone#1021 Also multiple of the people in that vid had scars from previous self harm so ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 16:08:33
@_discord_319457647092826113:t2bot.ioKudos Corleone#1021 its no fun toying with a already broke human 16:08:39
@_discord_319457647092826113:t2bot.ioKudos Corleone#1021 is the same as playing with a broken toy is just not fun 16:08:47
@_discord_916134893971439707:t2bot.ioanonymouslol joined the room.16:09:18
@_discord_319457647092826113:t2bot.ioKudos Corleone#1021 break the sane, break the normal people, break the people who arent suffering already thats where the fun begin and thats when you will gain my respect. 16:09:19
@_discord_928889849157681192:t2bot.ioNecrosis Abiosis joined the room.16:13:51
@_discord_928889849157681192:t2bot.ioNecrosis Abiosis Amongus 16:27:43
@_discord_928889849157681192:t2bot.ioNecrosis Abiosis https://c.tenor.com/zbb9N4FFGFAAAAAM/critikal-penguinz0.gif 16:27:49

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