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14 Nov 2019
21:05:37@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid so it would be one instance of a Role
21:06:05@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor So I want to turn my JobPrototype into a RolePrototype?
21:06:07@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor Correct?
21:06:15@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor Since a Job is just another instance of a Role?
21:06:23@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid just like in your yaml you don't have a prototype type for every job, each one is an instance of a JobPrototype
21:06:26@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid yes
21:07:22@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor In the RolePrototype, how will I make a difference between a Botanist and a Traitor? A Traitor has a target. A Botanist has a department. That's one of my question.
21:07:45@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor Also Prototype should be immutable. But, traitor have different target.
21:07:54@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid yeh, thats the next question
21:07:55@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid so
21:08:13@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid data wise, what is the difference between a Role and a Job
21:08:34@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor A Job is more precise and as such, has more "field".
21:08:58@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor What they have in common is that they can be attach to a mind.
21:09:39@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid so Jobs don't really share the same data as a Role
21:09:56@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor Role is more of a generic term.
21:10:17@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor They don't share the same data in that they have MORE data.
21:10:44@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor Thanks a lot for guiding me through the design process.
21:11:00@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid i mean like with inheritance, is a Job really a child class of a Role
21:11:56@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid because is sounds like a Traitor has completely different set of data (Target) than a Job (Departments)
21:12:15@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor Yes
21:12:44@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor Like I said, the only REAL thing they have in common isn't even really data, it's more a feature, of being able to be attach to a mind.
21:13:35@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid and you are correct, we just showed that making Traitors a type of Role, and making Jobs a type of Role, is not the correct approach
21:14:01@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid lemme draw it
21:14:44@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor In that case would it be more something like an interface? This is what you use for common behavior. Ah yes, Behavior was the word I was looking for.
21:15:41@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid yep
21:15:52@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid see, you know what you are doing and don't actually need my help
21:17:28@_discord_280590768660545538:t2bot.ioMuhreen (no pc) changed their display name from Muhreen (no pc) to Muhreen (no pc)#6325.
21:17:28@_discord_280590768660545538:t2bot.ioMuhreen (no pc) changed their display name from Muhreen (no pc)#6325 to Muhreen (no pc).
21:17:29@_discord_289547167444500481:t2bot.ioZelteHonor So... we get back to NOT having a RolePrototype, but keeping the JobPrototype. I'd like to set aside traitor and antag for now and mostly get Job working.
21:18:00@_discord_247111536542220289:t2bot.ioAcruid that would be the best thing for now, and the way I would do it

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