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8 Nov 2019
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems lmao 21:20:09
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will ExistRedacted or Malformed Event21:20:20
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist 1 is the button to toggle intent 21:20:27
@_discord_156813825234960384:t2bot.ioRemieRichards theres a hotkey to cycle intent left, cycle intent right, and then 1 for each of the intents 21:20:31
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist I don't even know what the cycle buttons are because it seems stupid to use them 21:20:41
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist 1 2 3 4 are specific intent buttons in SS13 21:20:48
@_discord_156813825234960384:t2bot.ioRemieRichards iirc 21:21:19
@_discord_156813825234960384:t2bot.ioRemieRichards the cycle buttons came first 21:21:23
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist oh is it ~ 21:21:30
@_discord_156813825234960384:t2bot.ioRemieRichards and then some galaxy brain realised it was stupid 21:21:31
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems y'all put a lot of effort into the spawn menu 21:21:34
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems super smooth 21:21:35
@_discord_156813825234960384:t2bot.ioRemieRichards but left them in incase anyone remembered them/had muscle memory 21:21:43
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist Except when you open it the first time 21:21:45
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist Then it noticeably hangs your client because it has to load in ALL the textures at once 21:22:06
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems Oh, it automatically loads my weapons? 21:22:14
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems When you walk near bullets? 21:22:16
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist uh no 21:22:23
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist why do you think that? 21:22:30
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems Well, the bullets dissapeared 21:22:33
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems When I walked next to them 21:22:38
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist that's... 21:22:40
@_discord_97089048065097728:t2bot.ioHow Will Exist uhhhm 21:22:43
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems looks like a bug lol 21:22:47
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems I had a submachine gun in my hand, I go one tile near a bullet I'd spawned 21:23:01
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems and it vanishes 21:23:04
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems happened with the .32 bullets 21:23:59
@_discord_553240783222997003:t2bot.ioRotciv Iilems mm 21:30:56
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