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12 Sep 2018
22:14:57@birdstache:matrix.orgIroh if she/he's not willing to cooperate i mean
22:15:16@birdstache:matrix.orgIroh ok i'll create one tomorrow
22:15:35@birdstache:matrix.orgIrohnot that i have a lot to say about metal
22:16:04@birdstache:matrix.orgIrohi mostly went from metal to hard rock to rock and then to rock and roll and blues
22:16:25@birdstache:matrix.orgIrohi do love music though
22:17:07@birdstache:matrix.orgIrohyou should check this room out
22:17:10@enmerkar:marxwatch.org@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgit doesn't have to be metal talk all day every day. it's more a room where you can post links to metal
22:17:21@enmerkar:marxwatch.org@enmerkar:marxwatch.orglike, any metal. normie-unfriendly metal
22:24:44@enmerkar:marxwatch.org@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgi'll lurk a bit to get a feel for it
22:25:07@birdstache:matrix.orgIrohcya tomorrow
22:25:22@enmerkar:marxwatch.org@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgsee ya
14 Sep 2018
06:47:05@enmerkar:marxwatch.org@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgthat room is run by antifa-types
06:47:22@enmerkar:marxwatch.org@enmerkar:marxwatch.org i've created one called #heavy-metal-music:matrix.org. i'll invite you all
20:31:41@enmerkar:marxwatch.org@enmerkar:marxwatch.org left the room.
29 Sep 2018
13:11:58@birdstache:matrix.orgIroh changed their display name from Iroh to Iroh (dragon of the west).
13:14:39@birdstache:matrix.orgIroh changed their display name from Iroh (dragon of the west) to Iroh.
27 Oct 2018
00:34:33@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender joined the room.
28 Oct 2018
09:39:12@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbenderIs this room dead? Who's the owner?
10:55:10@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbenderRedacted or Malformed Event
10:55:12@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender I've created a new room #heavymetal:matrix.org
Come join
11:59:02@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender changed their display name from Akash to Agent 47.
12:40:35@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender changed their display name from Agent 47 to Hellbender.
4 Nov 2018
08:43:41@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender removed their display name Hellbender.
26 Jan 2019
02:54:03@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender set their display name to Hellbender.
03:15:27@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender changed their profile picture.
28 Jan 2019
01:28:37@shoelace:matrix.orgshoelace set a profile picture.
6 Feb 2019
00:16:56@shoelace:matrix.orgshoelace changed their profile picture.

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