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5 Jan 2024
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In reply to @cw:kernelpanic.cafe
Does anyone have any suggestions for VPNs to use over the top of yggdrasil?
It does depend on what situation we are thinking here. Do you want to use someone service on yggdrasil to achieve this or you do have VPS/real machine somewhere and want to use yggdrasil as tunnel for your traffic there and access internet from there?
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optionalThe latter.07:03:30
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optional bjtftwmy machines. 07:05:21
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwOK so you want just to create ipip6 tunnel over yggdrasil network to you remote host and then enabling there forwarding (if you have multiple public IPs there) ot create NAT there07:05:46
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwsudo ip tunnel add NAME mode ipip6 remote 201:... locate 202:...07:07:24
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftw * sudo ip tunnel add NAME mode ipip6 remote 201:... local 202:...07:07:52
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwand on the other machine replace remote and local addresses 07:08:12
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optionalshit cool I was hoping that could be done without any extra software07:08:26
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwas yggdrasil is encrypting everything you do not need to use wireguard, etc 07:08:48
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwthere is few types of that tunnels like ipip, ip6ip6, ipip6, ip6ip07:09:20
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optionalI didn't really like the idea of using another vpn but wasn't sure how to handle the routing.07:10:01
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwfirst ip tells what IPvX you want to route over that tunnel and second ip tells over what IPv version you want to build the tunnel07:10:08
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optionalLike I couldn't just add a defualt route07:10:17
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwyes you cane only use route to acheive that07:10:39
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optionalso does IP tunnel set that as a default route?07:11:39
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optionalor do I need to handle subnets/routing separately?07:11:49
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwyes you need few commands more07:12:00
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optionalokay cool07:12:10
@cw:kernelpanic.cafechinchilla optional thanks for the tip on ip tunnel 07:12:31
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwlike you need to assign IP addreses to those tunnel interface on both sides (like on 1 comp and on 2nd machine)07:13:14
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwthen you can ping them on those addresses so it looks like LAN 07:13:38
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwand then on remote machine you create NAT07:13:47
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwenable forwarding like echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/forwarding07:14:12
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwand here you go07:14:20
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwnad ofcourse on you local machine you want to set default routing through that tunnel07:16:56
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftwlike ip route add default dev NAME (tunnel name)07:17:08
@bjtftw:matrix.orgbjtftw * and of course on you local machine you want to set default routing through that tunnel07:18:28

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