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22 Oct 2021
@ggainey:matrix.orgggainey mimmus: awww - sorry to hear that :( well, pulp3 will still be there upstream :) 15:06:44
@ggainey:matrix.orgggainey koollman: well dang! clearly I need to find better docs then! 15:07:01
@koollman:libera.chatkoollman ggainey: hm. mine is a custom kernel, but I think fuse is statically built in the default wsl kernel, too 15:07:12
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineyah - I don't thik it's in the default ones - at least, the docs I found suggest not15:07:36
@koollman:libera.chatkoollman ggainey: zgrep FUSE /proc/config.gz 15:07:37
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineyyeah, once I'm back in won10 will try, thanks!15:08:15
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineywin10, even15:08:20
@koollman:libera.chatkoollmanhttps://github.com/microsoft/WSL2-Linux-Kernel/blob/master/Microsoft/config-wsl 15:08:21
@koollman:libera.chatkoollmanseems to be there :)15:08:25
@mimmus:matrix.orgmimmus$ zgrep FUSE /proc/config.gz CONFIG_FUSE_FS=y CONFIG_FUSE_DAX=y15:08:42
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineycool! maybe I'm just on the wrong kernel15:08:53
@koollman:libera.chatkoollman it's static, not a module, so anything trying modprobe would fail. But ... that's not the kernel's fault :) 15:08:59
@mimmus:matrix.orgmimmus$ uname -a Linux WS034862 #1 SMP Fri Apr 2 22:23:49 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:09:09
@koollman:libera.chatkoollmanthat reminds me I should upgrade my custom kernel :)15:10:47
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineyif I can get podman on that kernel, it will make for a happy wkend :)15:11:31
@ggainey:matrix.orgggainey need to run - mimmus , good luck and sorry for the regression, koollman thanks for the pointers! 15:11:55
@mimmus:matrix.orgmimmusby! 15:13:41
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23 Oct 2021
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