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30 Apr 2019

For example:

const char *mpw_scopeForPurpose(MPKeyPurpose purpose);

Could bind to

string scope_for_purpose(MPKeyPurpose purpose);
13:34:25@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5 Hmm,
I think i really need to bring some more solid examples what i sm struggeling with 😉
13:36:24@kaknife:matrix.orgKaknife Are you refering to (this)[https://gitlab.com/MasterPassword/MasterPassword] when you say masterpassword? If so, that example was taken from mpw-types.h
13:36:42@kaknife:matrix.orgKaknifeSorry, I really messed up that markdown
13:38:04@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5yea exactly. Nice you serached for it !!
13:38:35@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5i will post a gist of what i have right now. (not working and maybe embarrasing stupid 😉 )
13:40:44@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5I think the sitePassword function worked
13:41:43@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5the main problem was the inti function. I think it expects the user struct to be passed as the first arg and not the return value...
13:44:31@kaknife:matrix.orgKaknifeJust so I can find it easier, what header is the init function in?
13:45:35@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5(sorry i forgot that the init function is already a wrapper...)
13:46:41@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5updated the gist with my wrapper function. (I should create a repo for the whole project...)
13:48:32@kaknife:matrix.orgKaknife You are going to want to use a out param
13:52:06@kaknife:matrix.orgKaknifeAlso if you want to bind it to a constructor, I think you could use the instance_pos CCode tag. However I have never tried that myself.


[CCode (cname = "mpw_user_init", instance_pos=0)]
public User(string fullName, string masterPassword, AlgorithmVersion version);

or using out:

[CCode (cname = "mpw_user_init")]
public static void init(out User user, string fullName, string masterPassword, AlgorithmVersion version);
13:58:55@kaknife:matrix.orgKaknife(I might have messed up how instance_pos indexing works though)
3 May 2019
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18 May 2019
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26 May 2019
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19 Jul 2019
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23 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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30 Aug 2019
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17 Sep 2019
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22 Sep 2019
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28 Sep 2019
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1 Nov 2019
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