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17 Jan 2019

You are level 10 (having earned 220570 experience), with 100 stamina, 100 health, and 172319 IDLE in wealth. Your current weapon is a common rapier, which has 4 attack and 20 durability. You are currently blessed.

19:07:58@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleThe illustrious level 10!

You are level 7 (having earned 11680 experience), with 100 stamina, 100 health, and 10943 IDLE in wealth. Your current weapon is an average rapier, which has 4 attack and 50 durability. You are currently blessed.

29 Jan 2019
21:03:40@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleSee now #teabot:fabric.pub and #mathbot:fabric.pub
11 Feb 2019
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12 Feb 2019
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21:50:04@root:thomasprofitt.comtomDoes anyone know of a generic bot project that runs a command or some code periodically and posts when the output changes from what it has been? I'm thinking of building that.
21:51:35@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistI don't know of a generic one but https://github.com/maubot/xkcd basically does that and I'm writing a similar kind of bot
21:54:27@root:thomasprofitt.comtomI'll check it out, thanks. I want to use this for things like when certain SMART data on the server's disk changes, and when my balance changes
22:00:05@mdiaz:vinix.imMark Diaz joined the room.
22:07:04@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeIf you can still find a service that converts website diffs to rss, you could hook into that with rss bot.
22:11:14@root:thomasprofitt.comtomThe trouble is using it for shell command output diffs. I think if it were so basic as "tell me when this command output changes", and that command could of course be something nice like a python or ruby script to do fancier stuff, would let me do all of that too since it'd be able to make those web requests.
22:14:32@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeYou might not even need a bot. You can post messages to a matrix room with a canned curl command.
13 Feb 2019
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16:24:10@root:thomasprofitt.comtom I could, but to handle saving that state somewhere, determining when it changed, and posting messages to the user (maybe templated somehow to let it be configured from a "diffbot" to an application-specific "Bank Balance Bot" too)
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16 Feb 2019
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13:21:07@root:thomasprofitt.comtomMy bot's almost done, but I want to be able to tell when it's working without a status room. Has anyone used Presence for this? matrix-js-bot-sdk is great, but it doesn't look to set presence while the bot's online, and I wonder if I can find examples of someone doing that.
13:26:14@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeePresence is disabled on matrix.org and several other servers, so useless.
13:29:35@root:thomasprofitt.comtom I know, but it's enabled on my HS and that's where my bot lives.
13:34:22@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeI think it should show as online so long as it keeps calling /sync
13:44:40@root:thomasprofitt.comtomI'll have to debug then: presence works for my user, using riot android, but not for the bot.

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