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29 Sep 2019
11:00:20@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S set a profile picture.
30 Sep 2019
19:17:48@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from S O M T A to atmos.id.
1 Oct 2019
17:32:36@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their profile picture.
2 Oct 2019
00:31:47@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from atmos.id to ZQ.
02:51:07@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from ZQ to Mr.Oizo.
16:15:19@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from Mr.Oizo to ..
5 Oct 2019
04:38:50@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from . to A T M O S.
09:25:04@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S set a profile picture.
7 Oct 2019
02:53:01@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their profile picture.
02:53:34@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their profile picture.
02:54:15@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their profile picture.
10 Oct 2019
02:14:41@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from A T M O S to זהMלס.
09:03:48@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S set a profile picture.
16:34:07@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from זהMלס to Chucky The Cursed Pirate Doll.
11 Oct 2019
09:28:45@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from Chucky The Cursed Pirate Doll to Amun Hackzardous RA.
12 Oct 2019
04:23:44@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S set a profile picture.
16 Oct 2019
11:56:37@wouter:wbdv.nlWouter joined the room.
12:15:00@wouter:wbdv.nlWouter changed their display name from wouter to Wouter.
17 Oct 2019
23:12:47@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from Amun Hackzardous RA to A . T . M . O . S.
23:20:59@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from A . T . M . O . S to A . T . M . O . S.
23:21:20@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their profile picture.
18 Oct 2019
04:21:19@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their profile picture.
04:21:26@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S changed their display name from A . T . M . O . S to A.T.M.O.S.
10:30:24@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their profile picture.
21 Oct 2019
02:13:07@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.imA.T.M.O.S left the room.
08:07:59@mishaor:matrix.orglazy honk changed their display name from lazy dude to lazy honk.
27 Oct 2019
00:12:35@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku joined the room.
9 Nov 2019
09:39:21@ip1714166:matrix.orgip1714166 joined the room.
13 Nov 2019
00:39:47@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleI started IdleRPG back up for a demo with a new database, but plan to reset the database at some point in the future to include a re-import of the historical data. Apologies for the new notifications.
00:55:25@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindale...also it should be obvious through my initiative at Fabric that I intend to make this a fully validating peer-to-peer network, so any support appreciated in building all the necessary components 🙏

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