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7 Dec 2022
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 Something may be up with your /config file because not a single library item was saved to the db. 15:57:38
@_discord_290926490659454986:t2bot.ioDreamer Oh thanks, it was only on info. I have changed it now and doing a rescan 16:16:00
@_discord_290926490659454986:t2bot.ioDreamer I have allready deleted all files in the config and metadata folder, so the scan is done on a fresh ABS instance 16:16:55
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 Are chapters supposed to be embedded into an M4B file when using the "embed metadata" function? When I encode the m4b, the correct chapter titles are embedded but when just embedding metadata, they aren't. I found the Github issue (https://github.com/advplyr/audiobookshelf/issues/676) that was marked as complete as this feature had been implemented and it mentioned that the --map-chapters flag needs to be added.
When I look in my logs to see if that flag is part of the command being run, I'm not seeing any logs to do with the metadata being embedded even though after a minute or so, I get the message saying that the metadata has been embedded.
@advplyr:matrix.orgadvplyrYes chapters should be embedded in M4B. That issue is out of date. We no longer use ffmpeg to embed metadata, we use Tone18:06:49
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 Should I be seeing something in the logs? I've got the log level set to Debug but nothing shows up when I being the embed process or when it finishes 18:07:49
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 Scratch that, I do see things happening in the docker logs, just not the logs inside ABS 18:12:51
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 The change i made was chapter titles. The chapters already existed. I assume these should be embedded too? not just the chapter times 18:13:59
@advplyr:matrix.orgadvplyrThey should be. This is a recent change to Tone and it could be a bug18:21:21
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 I'm fairly new to M4B's. Which field should the chapter title be populating?
In the file that has been encoded as m4b using ffmpeg, the chapter titles are in the Title field
In the files that I'm attempting to embed the new chapter titles, the Title field remains the same as it originally was
@advplyr:matrix.orgadvplyrThere is chapter metadata. I'm not sure what you mean then19:19:11
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 When I've renamed the chapters for Book 1, and then encoded it as an m4b, the chapter titles have applied. When I view the file in foobar2000, the chapter titles are displayed in the Title field
With Book 2 which is already an M4B, i've renamed the chapter files and embedded the metadata but the chapter titles aren't applying. They don't appear in any field when viewing the file in foobar2000
I was just wondering what field was used when the chapter titles were embedded
In ABS, the chapter titles display correctly but I'm not sure if that's because it's reading the embedded metadata or because I edited the titles in ABS
@_discord_207571366570885121:t2bot.ioChyron To be clear, if you are using a single file with embedded chapters, there are two (2) different embedded chapter standards for m4b: Nero, and QuickTime 19:38:00
@_discord_207571366570885121:t2bot.ioChyron ffprobe, which ABS uses to detect chapters, detect QuickTime chapters. 19:38:29
@_discord_207571366570885121:t2bot.ioChyron there are certain other common id3 tagging apps that only detect/edit Nero tags. 19:39:28
@_discord_207571366570885121:t2bot.ioChyron * there are certain other common id3 tagging apps (like mp3tag) that only detect/edit Nero tags. 19:39:41
@_discord_914984313446084639:t2bot.ioNajaf joined the room.19:39:42
@_discord_759169401437683712:t2bot.iohobesman Also, if a single book has multiple m4b files, and you tell ABS to embed metadata, I don't know how ABS handles that. Does it embed chapter data in each file, or all chapters embed in the first file, or... 19:40:13
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 This might be what's going on. I'll do some digging and try find out.
Just thought it was odd that the chapter titles in Book 1 which I used ABS to encode into a single m4b file worked but Book 2 which was already an m4b and I am just trying to embed the metadata, doesn't. I'm viewing them both in the same software so I'd assume that what worked for one, should work for the other
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 Thanks for your help though! Gives me something to look into 19:42:17
@_discord_207571366570885121:t2bot.ioChyron If you are attempting to edit embedded chapter metadata and ABS isn't detecting the changes, I think it likely you are editing Nero chapters and ABS (or rather ffmpeg/ffprobe) doesn't use those. 19:42:50
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 I'm using ABS to edit the chapter titles and then embed the metadata 19:43:53
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 ABS displays the correct titles but I think that's because I've made the changes in ABS, not because it's reading them from the metadata 19:44:12
@_discord_207571366570885121:t2bot.ioChyron I... don't know how or if it directly embeds the tags into the files. For the longest time it just made changes to the associated .abs file. 19:45:09
@_discord_207571366570885121:t2bot.ioChyron advplyr would know that. 19:45:56
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 It definitely did with the Encode to m4b option but I'm not sure the Embed Metadata option does.
It's only for a couple of audiobooks so I don't mind doing it manually and reimporting into ABS.
An added complication could be that these audiobooks are of a Harry Potter fan fiction series so don't have an ISBN or ASIN
@advplyr:matrix.orgadvplyrChapters are not embedded in multi-track audiobooks regardless of the format19:47:28
@_discord_324181372480520202:t2bot.ioAD1995 Both books are single track 19:49:39
@_discord_511832798751883265:t2bot.ioadispi#7686 i just notices something. if i manually download a podcast episode/s, on the round hour when a schedule task is updating all podcasts, all my downloads freeze and stop and will not resume until i restart the server even if i clear the manual download. is this known issue? 20:02:42
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 I think someone mentioned that before but I haven't tried to reproduce it 20:08:32

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