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18 Feb 2020
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16:56:14@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahA Teensy 4 based FX unit with Pocket Operator style and playability. https://kitspace.org/boards/github.com/mattvenn/teensy-audio-fx/
19 Feb 2020
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20:06:01@sdbowen:matrix.orgsdbowen kasbah: I was getting a cannot find module react console error. Apparently, my build wasn't too successful.
20:07:02@sdbowen:matrix.orgsdbowenI had linked to a local version of marky-markdown which I had rebased. Perhaps something did not go right there.
21:02:54@nerdyscout:hacknology.denerdyscoutRedacted or Malformed Event
21:58:14@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah sdbowen: you still seeing that then?
21:59:28@freenode_kasb4h:matrix.orgkasb4h joined the room.
21:59:28@freenode_kasb4h:matrix.orgkasb4h nerdyscout: i guess you found something then?
22:00:34@freenode_kasb4h:matrix.orgkasb4h(i can still see you message because of the IRC bridge)
22:02:48@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah*your message
22:05:03@nerdyscout:hacknology.denerdyscoutI found a very promising one.. but after reading the datasheet it is now back to origin
22:10:26@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahi've never seen let alone use a part like that (i2c controllable power supply, 0.5-5.5 vout, for those not on IRC)
22:11:02@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahyou'de probably have more luck asking somewhere which gets more traffic
22:11:19@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahlike reddit.com/r/electronics or eevblog.com/forum/
22:14:18@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahoh, probably reddit.com/r/askelectronics or they'll remove your post actually
20 Feb 2020
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22 Feb 2020
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01:26:12@drinausaur:matrix.orgdrinausaurRedacted or Malformed Event
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15:24:34@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah drinausaur: hello, what did you say and then delete, and why? 😬
23 Feb 2020
14:51:38@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah After moving some presentations out of the repo, language stats for kitspace source code are now more accurate
In reply to @kasbah:matrix.org
drinausaur: hello, what did you say and then delete, and why? 😬
Hi, I was looking for information about Kicost, and why I could not find any part with it. Then I found a thread about findchips / octopart APis
17:21:07@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah drinausaur: ah, you are actually asking in the right place. KiCost now uses the kitspace partinfo API. I have to set a limit on the number of requests though, because under the hood it still uses Octopart.
17:21:47@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahit seems it had hit the limit
17:22:00@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahi have increased it a bit, should work again now
17:22:57@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahif you find it useful, would be good if you donate to opencollective.com/kitspace
17:23:11@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahso we can pay for a higher limit

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