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23 Sep 2023
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tj Arjun P: assuming you're using NetworkManager, then edit the connection and under the Wifi settings change the band to the preferred. It can also be done via command-line menu-driven with nmcli con edit ${connection_name} and setting 802-11-wireless.band = bg 19:18:29
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24 Sep 2023
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@bharatiyam:matrix.orgManMohan KIn Debian 12 GNS3 installation is not straight forward as in the case of Debian 11 and Debian 10. Any tips plz?02:36:49
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@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7Any hints? what is GNS3?04:30:36
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7What did you do on deb 10/11? What did you try on deb 12? What happened when you tried?04:30:56
@heaven_devil:matrix.orgheaven_devilRedacted or Malformed Event04:52:00
In reply to @enigma9o7:matrix.org
Any hints? what is GNS3?
GNS3 is a network simulator tool, like open source version of Cisco Packet Tracer if you had any CCNA network course
@heaven_devil:matrix.orgheaven_devilI think he can't install GNS3 on his Debian 12 machine04:54:10
@heaven_devil:matrix.orgheaven_devilDebian 12 makes lots of thing broken04:54:49
@heaven_devil:matrix.orgheaven_devil* Debian 12 makes lots of things broken04:55:54
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7And other things fixed I hope?05:12:25
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7I hope more fixed things than broken things.....05:12:33
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7but yeah that's certianly a debian thing, t hey drop stuff that "still works" if its no longer getting the right updates, or no longer someone willing to maintain the package, etc.05:12:54
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tjgns3 has been gone since 2019; see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=93607706:16:03
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tjResearch seems to show that the Debian package was separately managed by the package maintainer and that they stopped doing that in 2014 and as a result their version became unusable. Upstream is still very active and developed by the original creator, Jeremy Grossman. A new maintainer would need to step forward if the package is to return to Debian.06:36:36
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tj ManMohan K: are you interested in helping to package/keep it up to date? 07:42:02
@bharatiyam:matrix.orgManMohan KHow I can begin with? 07:43:34
@bharatiyam:matrix.orgManMohan K* Intresting!!How to begin with? 07:44:00
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tj ManMohan K: I've posted a question in debian-devel asking about how to go about ressurecting the removed packages (gns3) and taking over the not-touched-since-2014 dependencies dynamips and vpcs. I'd be interested in maintaining it but only as part of a team who can share the load. 07:45:16
@bharatiyam:matrix.orgManMohan KNot only dynamips and vpcs. GNS3 server and client have some issues in Python dependencies in Deb 12. Gns3 gets installed and worked smoothly in Ubuntu 22.0407:52:14
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tj ManMohan K: Where is GNS3 being installed from though? Neither Debian nor Ubuntu have it in their archives. Debian 12 python is 3.11 but Ubuntu 22.04 has the older 3.10 07:56:11
@bharatiyam:matrix.orgManMohan Khttps://superuser.com/questions/1788720/how-to-install-gns3-on-debian12#:~:text=1%20Answer&text=You%20can%20install%20GNS3%20from,install%20the%20required%20Debian%20packages.&text=You%20should%20now%20be%20able,gui%20from%20a%20shell%20prompt.08:34:28
@bharatiyam:matrix.orgManMohan KI followed above link for Debian 1208:34:54
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