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8 Apr 2021
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialno you are just a freemartin23:41:43
@jr57:matrix.orgjr57I’m actually a free bobby sands, so that’s another one of ur false statements. 🤪23:48:45
@jr57:matrix.orgjr57Free Palestine too.23:49:18
@2232official:matrix.org2232officiala freemartin is someone with a female skeleton and male genitals23:51:48
9 Apr 2021
@jr57:matrix.orgjr57Good girl, I like the way you explain how you look.😂00:03:42
@behind-the-scenes:matrix.orgAmbient Dude changed their display name from Behind The Scenes to Ambient Dude.17:45:05
@2232official:matrix.org2232official #realchristian:matrix.org 21:38:36
10 Apr 2021
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialThe first thing it said is by 203001:46:07
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialthe world will end in 5 months - 2 years it is end times01:46:18
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialAnd the Channel has over 1k subscribers so its probably a tranny01:46:46
In reply to @loggie:matrix.org
the people singing and the people in the audience that get zoomed on are trannies
@2232official:matrix.org2232official loggie: can i ask u a few questions so i know u are a real male 01:49:39
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialAre u male or female01:50:00
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialhow fat are you01:50:20
@loggie:matrix.orgloggiepretty fat, as im low T :(01:50:33
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialso ur fat01:50:50
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialare your arms fat01:51:12
@loggie:matrix.orgloggiea little01:51:25
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialdo u send pictures of urself online or no01:51:56
@loggie:matrix.orgloggiei can do01:52:06
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialok send a pic of u01:52:15
@loggie:matrix.orgloggieDMd you, too many trolls in this room01:56:11
@2232official:matrix.org2232officialDownload MOON MAN - WHY I HATE NIGGERS.mp419:57:58

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