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8 Apr 2020
21:11:51@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylock according to the doc, it is only on very old distrib. I'm on 18.04. I don't say it is new but the documentation suggest you won't need it.
21:59:35@freenode_nabblet:matrix.orgnabbletolly: thank you for pointing me towards the fix in 1.4.15 - it works!
22:19:50@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollysylock: are you using the PHP7 that comes with bionic?
22:22:27@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyand what does this report on the binary package you built: dpkg-deb --contents php7-xapian_*.deb|grep mods-available
22:22:58@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollythere should be a /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/xapian.ini in there, which should get the module loaded automatically
22:37:11@freenode_sec^nd:matrix.orgsec^nd joined the room.
22:37:11@freenode_sec^nd:matrix.orgsec^ndHello, the docs are broken at https://xapian.org/docs/apidoc/html/index.html
22:38:24@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollywe usually link to https://xapian.org/docs/apidoc/html/annotated.html or similar instead
22:39:29@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollythough the index page is even less useful than I remember...
23:14:21@freenode_sec^nd:matrix.orgsec^ndThank you
23:14:32@freenode_sec^nd:matrix.orgsec^ndIt used to have more stuff on the index page
9 Apr 2020
05:23:54@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylock 12:22 AM <olly> there should be a /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/xapian.ini in there, which should get the module loaded automatically
05:23:54@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylockYes there is. But apparently it is not enough for apache to load it. php - i | grep -i xapian gives nothing. And from the Php application I was trying to install, Xapian extension was not discovered as available. It was the case after I linked that ini file to the previously mentioned path.
05:24:36@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylock 12:19 AM <olly> sylock: are you using the PHP7 that comes with bionic?
05:36:05@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollysylock: does this show any links to that .ini? find /etc/php/7.2 -ls|grep xapian
05:38:30@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyyou can use /usr/sbin/phpenmod to create that link, but I thought that it defaulted to being created when you installed the package
06:21:13@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylockthere is one link and it is the one I created.
06:21:35@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylock to be honnest, I'm not good with php and did not know the phpenmod but it makes sense
06:22:57@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylockso I can confirm that with the current xapian-bindings in ppa: ppa:xapian/backports for Ubuntu 18.04 64 bits, compiling and installing the deb with dpkg -i does not create the linke automatically thus does not active the extension.
06:24:46@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyi looked at other extensions and only one (php-geos) seems to explictly run phpenmod in the postinst script of its packaging
06:24:59@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly so maybe it's expected that one has to enabled by hand
06:25:18@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly or maybe something is meant to enable for you but isn't working for some reason
06:28:29@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly https://wiki.debian.org/PHP#For_packagers_of_PHP_applications.2Fmodules.2Flibraries says "The extensions are expected to install their configuration to /etc/php/M.N/mods-available for each M.N tuple the extension has been compiled with and enable the extension as appropriate using /usr/lib/php/php-maintscript-helper. "
06:28:51@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly though it also refers the reader to the webapps policy manual, which hasn't been updated for over a decade
06:29:03@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly it still talks about php4 as if it's the latest version
06:40:22@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylock ok. if enabling it manually is the desired behavior it would be nice to mention it in the documentation. Currently, the documentation say you don't need to do it so it is a little confusing.
06:40:40@freenode_sylock:matrix.orgsylockjust my opinion ;)
06:41:47@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyyeah - I need to dig in to what debian packaging policy (or at least conventions) expect here

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