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7 Nov 2019
21:38:41@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly and it might be worth optimising early for non-overlapping ranges - e.g you can tell a AND b can't match if a and b have non-overlapping ranges
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8 Nov 2019
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08:54:24@freenode_aaryans:matrix.org@freenode_aaryans:matrix.orgHi! Sorry for this reconnection issues ^ , my IRC client seems to be a little wierd to me, can anybody suggest a good IRC client?
09:05:27@olly.nz:matrix.orgolly Accessing the bridged matrix room via riot.im or another matrix client seems quite popular and means you can always be in the channel even when you aren't online
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10:03:03@aaryans:matrix.orgaaryansThanks! This seems to work well :D
10:21:51@tani:matrix.orgTanmayHello aaryan! I'll be happy to help you work on the IO profiling for xapian
10:22:33@aaryans:matrix.orgaaryansThanks! That'll be great ^_^
10:22:45@tani:matrix.orgTanmay@olly, sorry i've been really busy this semester, ill try to make small steps to improve the testsuite when i get the time
9 Nov 2019
02:33:22@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly Tanmay: it's understandable you're busy once back at uni, but if you do find the time to make some further improvements that'd be great
02:33:48@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly did I say i'd backported your new multi backend stuff to 1.4.x and it found some bugs there too?
02:34:33@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollynot exactly the same ones, as the way remote matches are combined is very different
02:36:23@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly aaryans: i'll try to get the work I did on better estimates via ranges merged in the next week, or at least pushed somewhere public, and update that project idea to reflect that
21:16:58@aaryans:matrix.orgaaryansRedacted or Malformed Event
  • olly: Thanks! Though I might have uni exams around that time, so maybe a bit inactive then
12 Nov 2019
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13 Nov 2019
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