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18 Sep 2019
15:30:32@freenode_blueness:matrix.orgblueness joined the room.
20:17:24@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org joined the room.
20:18:12@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.orgI just came across your platform I was thinking if I can contribute to this community in any way ?
20:31:57@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyhi Nalin
20:32:49@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.orgSo, can I help organisation in way ?
20:32:58@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly you're welcome to get involved
20:33:02@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollydo you have something in mind?
20:33:13@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.orgI was thinking to make website for you
20:33:19@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org It doesn't look to great
20:34:29@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.orgWhat you think ?
20:36:45@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyyou should probably talk to jaylett - I think he did some work on a refactor of the website
20:40:19@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.orgI can help in any other domain too, if you are not looking forward for website improvement !!
20:50:49@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly it's hard to know what to suggest without any idea of your skills or interests
20:51:10@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollythe website would probably benefit from an update
21:02:23@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org left the room.
21:38:31@freenode_jaylett:matrix.orgjaylett I did work a long long time ago. I think it's worth doing again from scratch given things like the user guide are more progressed now. But could be lightweight -- we don't need complexity. (If Nalin comes back.)
21:40:44@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyprobably should be lightweight even
21:41:36@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly it's not like we have screenshots or full bleed photos of xapian in use to show off
21:43:28@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyor a need for a lot of javascript
21:59:11@freenode_jaylett:matrix.orgjaylettTrue. I meant not just page weight but site complexity overall. Not lots of navigation needed.
22:35:05@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyah right
22:35:42@freenode_olly:matrix.orgolly yes, the main complexity (that's not smoothly handled currently) is the docs, but they probably should be their own subdomain anyway
19 Sep 2019
10:20:59@freenode_jaylett:matrix.orgjaylett We should do another pass over /docs/ for stuff that's in the manuals or should be. And get the docs on our own site with all languages built. But step one would simplify the website and be helpful in thinking of updating it.
19:31:07@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org joined the room.
20:01:39@freenode_olly:matrix.orgollyNalin: have you seen the channel logs?
20:05:53@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org@freenode_Nalin:matrix.org left the room.
20 Sep 2019
00:34:28@freenode_Moatman:matrix.orgMoatman joined the room.

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