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30 Apr 2023
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2 May 2023
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4 May 2023
@_discord_235686470726189056:t2bot.ioIvanSanchez#0535 I see the dates are set for the next codesprint https://developer.ogc.org/sprints/21/ , but it overlaps with the SIG Libre conference (a spanish mini-FOSS4G) https://www.jornadassiglibre.org/ 11:48:03
@_discord_235686470726189056:t2bot.ioIvanSanchez#0535 I'll be missing this one, folks 🫤 11:48:13
@_discord_855494740924170270:t2bot.iodoublebyte @room Check-out the next OGC event: in-person registrations close next week! 15:11:49
@_discord_855494740924170270:t2bot.iodoublebyte https://dev.to/listings/events/participate-in-the-future-of-tiled-maps-join-the-tiling-interfaces-code-sprint-ng3 15:12:12
@_discord_730931297161314424:t2bot.iomch82#7128 Anyone know if/when QGIS plans to implement Part 4 of OGC API Features so that map layer edits can be saved to the API? 20:08:59
@_discord_730931297161314424:t2bot.iomch82#7128 Looks like this may have been added 2 weeks ago.

5 May 2023
@_discord_900359571116269598:t2bot.ioghobona1 @room Thank you for participating in the Open Standards and Open Source Software Code Sprint. The template for the engineering report is now ready for your input. Please create a fork and contribute descriptions of the software and standards you worked on (in the Architecture section) and the results of your work (in the Results section). Please contribute your content by May 11th. 18:21:20
@_discord_900359571116269598:t2bot.ioghobona1 You will find an asciidoc with the software or standard you each worked on at https://github.com/opengeospatial/developer-events/tree/master/2023/Open-Software-Open-Standards-Code-Sprint/engineering-report/sections/architecture 18:21:27
@_discord_900359571116269598:t2bot.ioghobona1 You will also find the associated asciidoc file for the results in https://github.com/opengeospatial/developer-events/tree/master/2023/Open-Software-Open-Standards-Code-Sprint/engineering-report/sections/results 18:22:03
8 May 2023
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10 May 2023
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11 May 2023
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12 May 2023
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@_discord_900359571116269598:t2bot.ioghobona1 @room The draft engineering report has been uploaded to the Pending Documents register on the OGC Portal (https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=104562). A final revision, for the OGC Technical Committee to consider, will be uploaded on May 19th. 14:22:21
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14 May 2023
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18 May 2023
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23 May 2023
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26 May 2023
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31 May 2023
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1 Jun 2023
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