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17 May 2021
@mtneug:matrix.orgMatthias Neugebauerthe cert then needs to include the IP13:32:55
@pascal.seeland:matrix.orgpascal.seelandunless you get ride of the error that curl is complaining about a self-signed cert it will not work13:33:19
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@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoSo is it because of the certificate?13:34:55
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoOkay okay so how can I generate the certificate correctly?13:35:46
@pascal.seeland:matrix.orgpascal.seelandbefore going that way, could your explain what your need the https for13:38:33
@pascal.seeland:matrix.orgpascal.seelandyour mentioned recording13:38:40
@pascal.seeland:matrix.orgpascal.seelandwhich i dont get what you need it for on that side13:39:08
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoBecause browsers need the certificate to record the screen13:40:16
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoSo I'm forced to use https13:40:44
@pascal.seeland:matrix.orgpascal.seelandso your want to use opencast studio?13:40:56
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoShould I use this website to obtain the certificate "https://certificatechain.io/"??13:46:31
@mtneug:matrix.orgMatthias Neugebauer ydexewo: who should access opencast (studio)? 13:48:17
@mtneug:matrix.orgMatthias Neugebaueronly you?13:48:24
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewo Matthias Neugebauer: No, everyone 14:15:39
@mtneug:matrix.orgMatthias NeugebauerThen don't use self signed certificates as those are not trusted by client systems.14:16:34
@mtneug:matrix.orgMatthias NeugebauerI would recommend Let’s Encrypt (https://letsencrypt.org/) as certificate authority (the organization that issues you a certificate).14:17:47
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoBut to use that website my website should be open to the world, right?14:21:52
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoThe website I use is private and only accessible from the network.14:22:24
@mtneug:matrix.orgMatthias Neugebaueryou can use DNS to proof you have control over that domain14:23:23
@mtneug:matrix.orgMatthias Neugebauerhttps://letsencrypt.org/docs/challenge-types/#dns-01-challenge 14:30:18
@ydexewo:matrix.orgydexewoOkay, thank you all very much. I'll see if I can get it14:32:58
@jkniepho:chat.virtuos.uni-osnabrueck.deJulian Kniephoff9.5 is out! πŸŽ‰15:03:27
@glogan:matrix.orgGreg LoganI'll get to work on the debs tomorrow 15:03:46
@lkiesow:chat.virtuos.uni-osnabrueck.deLars Kiesow (afk on 2021-05-17)Will you take care of the security advisory and getting the CVE number, Greg? I will not have time for that before tomorrow.15:26:42
@glogan:matrix.orgGreg LoganI'm afk today too, can look into it tomorrow. 23:36:44

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