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20 May 2017
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.orgAji Ahamed (Telegram): just meet tomorrow if you all are free05:44:34
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram)Instead of flooding with ideas here its better we come together discuss face to face05:46:44
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram)Yep id its morning till evening 2 pm i am free05:47:10
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.orgalso I suggest all telegram users try riot app from riot.im, sign up on our homeserver diasp.in via browser05:45:23
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram)Or just we could find out a day when most of us can05:48:29
@madhav:matrix.orgMadhav I'm already here but tg is more accessible 😁😂 06:49:51
@telegram_187300612:tchncs.deαтнυℓ (Telegram) Reply to Madhav:
<b>Madhav:</b> I'm already here but tg is more accessible 😁😂

me too

@telegram_187300612:tchncs.deαтнυℓ (Telegram)so is there a meet tomorrow??06:54:38
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram)If there who all can come and the time and venue06:55:26
@telegram_187300612:tchncs.deαтнυℓ (Telegram)i m ok06:55:58
@telegram_187300612:tchncs.deαтнυℓ (Telegram)for tomorrow06:55:58
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram)Me to ok06:56:05
@telegram_332558526:tchncs.deVaisakh (Telegram) joined the room.06:56:27
@telegram_332558526:tchncs.deVaisakh (Telegram)Where??06:56:27
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram)Athul any idea about venue06:57:07
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram)Some place Around museum06:57:46
@telegram_187300612:tchncs.deαтнυℓ (Telegram)do we carry laptops??07:00:06
@telegram_187300612:tchncs.deαтнυℓ (Telegram)museum is good for discussion.. have fresh air and space too07:00:26
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.orgMadhav: in what way? If riot is missing features, we should report and fix them07:12:36
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.org Freedom is worth a sacrifice, though I don't think riot is much sacrifice compared with earlier Free Software options 07:13:49
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.org I'd say some small inconveniences 07:14:15
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.orgFor riot, we are not just dump end users, we can collectively fix and improve it.07:15:17
@athulvis:matrix.orgAthulRedacted or Malformed Event07:25:10
@athulvis:matrix.orgAthulPirate Praveen: which place is convenient for you07:25:47
@madhav:matrix.orgMadhavIts not missing any features, just that I am active in a lot of groups in tg07:51:24
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.orgAthul: I'm in Palakkad now07:51:25
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.orgMadhav: bridge all other to matrix :D07:51:45
@madhav:matrix.orgMadhavSomeone put up instructions on bridging group to matrix, I lost the link, someone has it?07:52:58
@praveen:matrix.org@praveen:matrix.orgMadhav: http://keralagram.in/bridging-telegram-riot/07:55:34
@telegram_235671675:tchncs.deAji Ahamed (Telegram) Reply to αтнυℓ (Telegram):
museum is good for discussion.. have fresh air and space too

So who all can tomorrow @ museum


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