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21 Feb 2019
01:28:57@artist:matrix.orgartistlol every single publisher is doing it what do you think they earn from suppose vodoo they have really less ads on their games ? how do they earn then why goldsach invested 200m?
01:28:58@silvea12:matrix.orgTapChoose between ads, mining (better privacy, better gameplay experience) or donate
01:29:28@artist:matrix.orgartistyeah thats also a good idea but ads rev is fail
01:29:41@artist:matrix.orgartistand i dont want donation
01:29:45@silvea12:matrix.orgTapThe company I work for, most of our income comes from ads.
01:30:00@silvea12:matrix.orgTapYou'd be surprised how much you can pull in with a popular game.
01:30:13@artist:matrix.orgartistmobile game?
01:30:26@silvea12:matrix.orgTapWe do more than mobile but our biggest hit has been mobile.
01:31:00@artist:matrix.orgartistyou are from USA i assume ads earning is better there
01:31:07@silvea12:matrix.orgTapNope. Australia.
01:31:19@silvea12:matrix.orgTap But regardless where you live, software is a global market.
01:31:25@artist:matrix.orgartisti was also working on two mbl projects dude
01:32:08@artist:matrix.orgartisti have crazy ideas but i am quite alone to shape them xd
01:32:30@silvea12:matrix.orgTapFind a programmer who agrees with your vision. Or hire someone.
01:32:55@artist:matrix.orgartistso have quitted work and from a third world country no support etc
01:33:29@artist:matrix.orgartistyou program or model?
01:33:45@silvea12:matrix.orgTapProgram but I have a bit of experience across the board
01:33:49@silvea12:matrix.orgTapBut primarily program, I suck at design
01:34:12@artist:matrix.orgartistooh nice
01:34:40@artist:matrix.orgartistsame but i have left programming for a while have forgotten
01:34:51@artist:matrix.orgartistthe tactics
01:35:16@artist:matrix.orgartistwanna get out of this jungle man
01:36:49@tauoverpi:matrix.orgLevywhich languages?
01:37:35@artist:matrix.orgartistc sharp
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