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27 Jun 2020
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertsyou could look at voxel world implementations too, you are basically doing the same thing for a world height of 1, so it just collapses down to two axes instead of three.20:19:35
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertsI did a voxel world implementation to learn it and I found most time wasnt' spent on editing blocks since that's a relativly rare event (it doesn't happen hundreds of times per frame), but loading in large amounts of cached clusters and building 3d Geometry for them was the big time suck.20:20:47
@gcoakes:matrix.orggcoakesI was mostly worried about tile creation/deletion when I first started on this. I plan to make the world extremely destructable. That's why I was so focussed on that.20:22:24
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertssounds a lot like automapping from Tiled though, https://doc.mapeditor.org/en/stable/manual/automapping/20:22:31
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertsdestructable grids is only going to do a few grid lookups on each event, that should be very fast unless your platform is slow20:23:14
@gcoakes:matrix.orggcoakesNo, platform is definitely not a limitation yet. I only care about desktops right now.20:24:03
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertsthen if your language won't be an issue, I don't think grid lookups will be an issue for speed20:24:30
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertspre-optimization can lead you down rabbit holes to the point you never finish your project20:25:27
@gcoakes:matrix.orggcoakesI'm not terribly worried about finishing the project to be honest. I just really like playing with data structures, and I'm using this as a tool to explore a different facet of haskell. It would be nice to have a finished product come out the end, but I'm more interested in how I implement it rather than how quickly I implement it.20:28:55
@gcoakes:matrix.orggcoakesI really do appreciate all the input.20:30:21
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28 Jun 2020
@gcoakes:matrix.orggcoakes CaptainRoberts: I just wanted to thank you again, and show off what I built from your input: https://i.imgur.com/6sItxx2.png 18:52:27
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertsvery cool18:52:49
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertsglad to help18:52:52
@gcoakes:matrix.orggcoakesDefinitely not complete at all, but I think it's a huge step forward.18:52:54
@generalpurpose:matrix.orgCaptainRobertsyeah once you get something started it's much easier to continue it18:53:18
1 Jul 2020
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5 Jul 2020
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1 Jul 2020
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2 Jul 2020
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3 Jul 2020
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5 Jul 2020
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6 Jul 2020
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