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16 Apr 2024
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motherif i were 2 send u versioned files it would be using a network app i designed otherwise09:44:50
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motherso u would still have to compile the binary or w/e09:45:03
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motherim gonna make a lightweight email service if i can tho09:45:13
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motherso maybe we can figure out how 2 meet halfway09:45:21
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motheri mean u know git can download zips 2 right?09:45:29
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth mother( or blocs the inode doesn't start till 11009:46:35
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motheri have a kbd 2 fs program not in that demo and it holds a buffer of like 4 keys09:47:35
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motherthen theres a super bloc / bitmaps etc09:47:43
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motheri haven't needed the buffer yet (for the editor) but im keeping a hold of it anyways it has a nice buffer shift fx that a cool korean githubber wrote09:48:30
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth motherhttps://gist.github.com/hyunmoon/4c3ee53b9d040abfd74609:49:38
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth mothersorry for texting dumping anyways i gotta go for now09:50:40
In reply to @earthmothertomokazu:matrix.org
and i have been burned by git
just learn how to use git properly
@aroy:matrix.aroy-art.comAroy 🐾 (She/Her)
In reply to @earthmothertomokazu:matrix.org
⁉️how long after u met did u actually start doing work with eachother
they where in the middle of a jam and needed an artist, so he found me in a team building room on discord
@aroy:matrix.aroy-art.comAroy 🐾 (She/Her)and started to work almost instantly11:14:46
@aroy:matrix.aroy-art.comAroy 🐾 (She/Her)
In reply to @earthmothertomokazu:matrix.org
i mean so many people wanna get paid or this and that , that seems really special...
i think the game jam community is more relaxed on that, jams are just to have fun and not to make money
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoina earth mother: reading you feels like having an aneurism 11:27:49
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinayou don't have to pay per character anymore you know? this isn't SMS and the 90s11:29:36
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinatext prediction also exists11:29:55
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoina* earth mother: reading you feels like having an aneurysm11:30:09
@earthmothertomokazu:matrix.orgearth mother🦻 cant talk now but im reading sorry11:31:00
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaI just wanted to say that, nothing more.11:32:10
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinait would be more comfortable and pleasing to the eye if you typed full words ☺️11:32:41
In reply to @earthmothertomokazu:matrix.org
so u would still have to compile the binary or w/e
I do not run arbitrary code
In reply to @earthmothertomokazu:matrix.org
i mean u know git can download zips 2 right?
git has no support for zip files
In reply to @earthmothertomokazu:matrix.org
that is incredibly slow
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyyou have the overhead of malloc and you still need to move everything where it would be cheaper to swap blocks within the same array itself13:46:37
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