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12 Aug 2017
@fennecbyte:matrix.orgfennecbyteDid SFML get mobile support yet?18:12:28
@MagneticUnicorn:matrix.orgMagnetic UnicornDesktop is enough for now. If I can get a good enough hang of graphics using a library / API, I can always learn how to do it myself later.18:13:47
@MagneticUnicorn:matrix.orgMagnetic UnicornI'm still fairly new to programming, and I'm far behind on math, so I'm sure I'm still underestimating jus thow much I need to learn . :D18:14:20
@fennecbyte:matrix.orgfennecbyteGetting a hang of it through a few libraries is usually all you need.18:14:43
@MagneticUnicorn:matrix.orgMagnetic UnicornTrue. I guess I fell too hard for Casey's (the guy behind Handmade Hero) DIY sale. : D18:15:22
@fennecbyte:matrix.orgfennecbyteIf you want to play around with math, you could just use the basic draw functions and build something more advanced yourself.18:15:36
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanieldoes handmade hero work on anything other than windows yet?18:16:52
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanieland does it handle anything remotely like a corner case18:17:04
@MagneticUnicorn:matrix.orgMagnetic UnicornI'm only on day 20, so far it's been all Windows. And he admits it's all crap code just go teach and get something on the screen.18:16:56
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanielI mean, by all means, do the windowing by yourself if that's what you want to do18:17:38
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanielhaving fun is the most important part for me anyway18:17:49
@fennecbyte:matrix.orgfennecbyteIIRC Casey did promise to cover Linix at some point.18:17:36
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanielbut if your goal is to make a game you'll just waste a ton of time18:18:12
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanieleven if your plan is to use your own engine18:18:30
@fennecbyte:matrix.orgfennecbyteWin32 API is not my definition of fun, to be honest.18:18:16
@fennecbyte:matrix.orgfennecbyte It's closer to torture. 18:18:24
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanielanyway, deciding what's worth spending your time on is up to you18:19:03
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotMaking an engine for me is a surefire way not to finish18:19:16
@MagneticUnicorn:matrix.orgMagnetic UnicornYeah, but you make some good points. So far it's been fun, with some frustration on Wayland because I couldn't find or understand any good examples. But, it feels great when it does work.18:19:16
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotI love making em, but the game never gets done.18:19:25
@MagneticUnicorn:matrix.orgMagnetic UnicornSo I'll keep doing it on my own until it's not fun anymore.18:19:38
@MagneticUnicorn:matrix.orgMagnetic UnicornThen I'll let SDL2 / Qt take over.18:19:49
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot Hm, what's wrong with SDL2. Isn't that just the standard these days 18:20:00
@ralith:ralith.comRalithwindow wrangling on linux is not significantly less nightmarish than on windows tbh18:19:55
@ralith:ralith.comRalithsoftware is terrible18:20:04
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanielSDL2 is what steam uses18:20:40
@ralith:ralith.comRalithHalf-Shot: SDL2 is crap18:20:18
@ralith:ralith.comRalithvery poorly engineered18:20:22
@ralith:ralith.comRalithso are the OS APIs themselves though so *shrug*18:20:34
@yaniel:kolm.ioYanielvery widely used crap though18:21:12

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