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28 Mar 2023
In reply to @butter69420:matrix.org
sent an image.
'azza ps3 in the back
@array.in.a.matrix:chatinamatrix.xyz[[ Array ]]
In reply to@harishkumaran4747:matrix.org
Lesson learnt : always follow official instructions
pretty sure multiple people suggested this :3
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In reply to @harishkumaran4747:matrix.org
Lesson learnt : always follow official instructions
In reply to @max_ishere:matrix.org

Hi, I'm trying to install plymouth with pretty much any theme but it doesn't work. The boot process changes from a TTY style

Enter passphrase for sdA

to the same thing, but now the password isn't like getpass, but has stars for hidden characters.
I also cannot preview a theme with plymouth show-splash - the command does nothing (plymouthd is running)

Aha, so I should've stoped staring at the wiki sooner!


@max_ishere:matrix.orgmax_ishereI had some missing modules and some kernel options.19:46:09
@max_ishere:matrix.orgmax_ishereWelp it works now19:46:24
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@two:matrix.debian.socialдвійкаcan someone please send a screenshot of a gtk3 window on lastest arch please?21:04:46
@ivii:matrix.orgiviiWhy is python package not 3.11 yet?21:10:09
@ivii:matrix.orgiviiIf I wanted to use ancient packages I'd install Ubuntu21:10:33
@ivii:matrix.orgivii set a profile picture.21:15:43
@linux0wolf:matrix.orgСБУAnyone familiar with gentoo linux?21:16:44
@array.in.a.matrix:chatinamatrix.xyz[[ Array ]]
In reply to@linux0wolf:matrix.org
Anyone familiar with gentoo linux?
if you need help with gentoo its wiser to ask in the gentoo rooms
@linux0wolf:matrix.orgСБУNothing major really. Just was curious about he significance of the "stage 3 archives" on the downloads page21:19:47
@linux0wolf:matrix.orgСБУBut your right21:19:54
@two:matrix.debian.socialдвійкаthank you but this is an old ubuntu...21:20:53
@two:matrix.debian.socialдвійкаoh it's terry davis21:21:05
@interloper:envs.netinterloper changed their profile picture.22:00:06
Download image.png
@sadmoonphoenix:matrix.orgsadmoonphoenixDoes anyone know how to downgrade systemd safely?22:27:21
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In reply to @sid:karunaratne.net
awk -F= '$1=="track_number" {n=$2} $1=="title" {t=$2} END {$n " - " $t}'
Instead of doing $1=="text" {}, I'd have just probably done /text/ {}
@smolsheep:matrix.orgsmolsheep so something like awk -F= '/track_number/{tn=$2};/title/{ti=$2};END {printf tn " - " ti};' I guess. 23:34:31

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