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27 May 2023
@slashzanyar:matrix.org/ Zanyar
In reply to @smolsheep:matrix.org
try mesa-amber maybe.
If i use lts kernel whats hapen?
@smolsheep:matrix.orgsmolsheepIt's worth trying too :p20:45:30
@smolsheep:matrix.orgsmolsheepIt could just be a random regression in the radeon driver.20:45:37
@slashzanyar:matrix.org/ Zanyar
In reply to @smolsheep:matrix.org
The firepro V3900 is really old, no? It seems like it's hasn't been supported for a while, I'm surprised it only just broke
Yes that old but i can upgrade my hardware
In reply to @strit:matrix.org
Well it does remove what is maintained by pacman. But, pacman does not maintain anything in your home folder, so any configs generated on first boot/login are yours to manage.
@neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim)
In reply to @slashzanyar:matrix.org

Hi guys
My gpu card not working after linux 6 version upper
Model: amd radeon firepro 3900

All packages installed

Help me

I also had issues wjth my older amd card, but not as old as yours
@neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim)I was told that mesa is borked and that the new mesa update that's on testing atm will fix it20:57:37
@neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim)So either wait for the update to hit the extra repo or enable the testing repo and update20:58:21
* @neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim) is waiting20:59:58
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@neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim)Could also try downgrading but idk if that's a good idea21:01:20
@neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim)* Could also try downgrading the package but idk if that's a good idea21:01:35
In reply to @daniel0x:matrix.org
Hi, I am having trouble with my audio on my machine, I have SteelSeries Arctic 5 (USB) headsets and when I am using any app that require microphone I listen myself back in the headsets, I am using pipewire as a audio framework and I have all related packages installed... Anyone has any idea whats going on ?

I actually prefer it this way, but I believe it's actually a setting in the headset itself (I've had this in other SteelSeries headsets)

You might need to run the configuration software in Windows/WINE, or there might be a way to control it via the hardware buttons

In reply to @neopunk:matrix.org
Could also try downgrading the package but idk if that's a good idea
mesa-amber is effectively a downgrade.
@smolsheep:matrix.orgsmolsheepit's just LTS mesa, basically.21:37:24
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@neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim)Ah really22:12:59
@neopunk:matrix.orgneopunk (vi/vis/vim)
In reply to @smolsheep:matrix.org
mesa-amber is effectively a downgrade.
Im gonna try that then, thanks
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@yena6:matrix.orgyena6Can bitlocker's keys be dumped on linux live usb via a command line?23:55:54
28 May 2023
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@catboy_nya1442:envs.netcatboy_nya1442 Is it possible to start the KDE notification daemon from the command line? 01:04:45
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