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30 Jan 2023
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@jokeyrhyme:matrix.orgjokeyrhyme Think SELinux will ever make it out of AUR? https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/SELinux
Anyone know what the blockers are for getting these packages built with the right flags into the core repository?
@anderson_crypt0:matrix.organderson_crypt0✪ joined the room.20:33:02
@grawlinson:archlinux.orgGeorge Rawlinsontl;dr it’s a pain in the ass20:33:00
@jokeyrhyme:matrix.orgjokeyrhymeI get that using SELinux certainly can be20:34:36
@grawlinson:archlinux.orgGeorge RawlinsonIt might be worth opening a feature request on the bug tracker20:34:56
@jokeyrhyme:matrix.orgjokeyrhymeI'll check the dependencies between these packages and just raise requests against the root, which I assume is probably systemd20:42:13
@jopesh:matrix.orgjopesh joined the room.20:45:42
@jokeyrhyme:matrix.orgjokeyrhymeI know AppArmor works without AUR, but SELinux is what's in Android and RedHat/Fedora, which makes me think it's more production-ready20:45:43
@grawlinson:archlinux.orgGeorge RawlinsonI just asked in the internal channel, we don’t intend to support it20:53:14
@dawid:dawidpotocki.comDawid Potockiuh, AppArmor is used by Ubuntu20:53:05
In reply to @grawlinson:archlinux.org
I just asked in the internal channel, we don’t intend to support it
Thanks for checking, good to know
In reply to @dawid:dawidpotocki.com
uh, AppArmor is used by Ubuntu
Yeah, but I don't associate Ubuntu with state-of-the-art
For non-rolling-release, I associate Android and Fedora as being more up to date
Also, while their hands are tied, I tend to respect security engineers at Google quite a bit
@dawid:dawidpotocki.comDawid Potockiwell, SELinux makes sense for a system like Android because of all the fine tuning possible21:10:01
@dawid:dawidpotocki.comDawid Potockiand the non-root nature of the system21:10:51
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@robertbuhren:matrix.tu-berlin.deRobertDoes anyone know how access initrd (systemd) logs emitted during hibernation resume? I can't find them in my journal 21:45:39
@dawid:dawidpotocki.comDawid Potockium, why would it log stuff during sleep?21:46:48
@robertbuhren:matrix.tu-berlin.deRobertwhen resuming from hibernation21:47:35
@robertbuhren:matrix.tu-berlin.deRobertnot during hibernation obviously :)21:47:42
@robertbuhren:matrix.tu-berlin.deRobertduring a normal boot, I can find initrd related messages in my journal, during a boot that resumes from hibernation, I don't see them21:50:52

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