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1 Oct 2019
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7 Oct 2019
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21:22:36@yek:matrix.orgy Hi, I have a problem when using gpg and openkeychain. I encrypted and signed a file using gpg but it cannot be decrypted in openkeychain. The command was "gpg -o test.gpg -r TestUser -se testfile". Then I tried to open test.gpg on openkeychain. I got an error: "No encrypted data with known secret key found in stream". But it is good if I encrypt and sign a file on openkeychain and decrypt using gpg on my pc. Is there an error in the command? I also tried this command: "gpg -o test.gpg -r TestUser --no-throw-keyids -se testfile". Same error
8 Oct 2019
05:14:16@finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nlAroop RoelofsFirst of all, make sure you are using the right keys (duh). Next, try the command from their documentation > gpg -se --no-throw-keyids -r TestUser testfile It has a different order of the flags (maybe that is what goes wrong?)
28 Oct 2019
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31 Oct 2019
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16 Nov 2019
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17 Nov 2019
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3 Dec 2019
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4 Dec 2019
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6 Dec 2019
14:38:40@stefan:matrix.hayfidelity.deStefan Haydn joined the room.
14:39:45@stefan:matrix.hayfidelity.deStefan HaydnHi all, I am using Seahorse on Ubuntu Budgie. Could it be that keys.openpgp.org isn't working with it?
15:37:21@finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nlAroop RoelofsI doubt that. Have you tried the ubuntu keyserver for it? (just to verify)
17:16:45@nicolasalainsimon:matrix.orgnicolasalainsimon joined the room.
17:33:07@stefan:matrix.hayfidelity.deStefan HaydnYeah, I can use the user servers, not the keys.openpgp.org. I have tried hpk, http, https, ldap...nothing. I have set up the keys with Openkeychain/Enigmail and want them to also keep them up to date with Seahorse.
17:33:17@stefan:matrix.hayfidelity.deStefan Haydn*other servers
18:06:21@finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nlAroop Roelofshm... odd
18:07:27@stefan:matrix.hayfidelity.deStefan HaydnIt's the one with email verification, maybe that has to be implemented first.
18:08:10@finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nlAroop Roelofsthat might be
18:08:20@finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nlAroop RoelofsI never tried seahorse so I can't judge on that
18:08:32@finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nlAroop Roelofsdo you have any errors or?
18:09:27@stefan:matrix.hayfidelity.deStefan HaydnI get a "bad parameter".
18:59:31@finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nlAroop Roelofsehm... that sounds like you might have something else going on :p
19:26:07@wiktor:stratum0.orgwiktoryou get the "bad parameter" doing what exactly?
19:26:36@wiktor:stratum0.orgwiktoroh, I see you're already on #hagrid
23:30:23@stefan:matrix.hayfidelity.deStefan Haydn Yes, have seen the channel on the webpage. Let's see what could the problem be.

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