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25 Jun 2024
@_bifrost_Root=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgRootbroken: do you have SMS/calls enabled across profiles? I forget the exact setting, but it is to that effect.16:27:58
@_bifrost_broken=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgbrokenLet me check that to be certain.16:30:17
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchDoes the Snikket instance included with JMP Chat have any limitations compared to a regular one?16:33:42
@_bifrost_Root=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgRootmonarch: it is all the same.16:35:02
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchRoot: Great!16:44:21
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchSonetel allows me to use a free sip address ('username'@sip.sonetel.com). How can I connect Cheogram to that address?16:47:08
@_bifrost_gnafuthegreat=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orggnafuthegreatYou can forward to that SIP address under "Configure Calls" with the https://matrix.to/#/@_bifrost_cheogram.com:aria-net.org bot, but I don't know if that's the direction you're looking to go.16:48:44
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchIn the FAQ it says JMP supports SIP and says outgoing calls are supported, but doesn't say how...16:53:10
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchI will check out the bot and settings16:53:44
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchAnd suddenly my Cheogram keeps shutting down at startup16:55:48
@_bifrost_gnafuthegreat=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orggnafuthegreatJMP provides a SIP account that you can use with a SIP client. You can get the login info from the `reset sip account` bot command.16:56:15
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchI guess I am trying to use Cheogram as a SIP client registered at Sonetel's with their SIP address16:57:43
@_bifrost_jackhill=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgjackhillhttps://blog.jmp.chat/b/mobile-friendly-sip-gateway perhaps17:03:16
@_bifrost_monarch=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmonarchIn the meantime17:09:54
@_bifrost_Menel=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgMenelI would fall back to quad9, only then then cloudflare17:10:25
@_bifrost_broken=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgbroken> broken: do you have SMS/calls enabled across profiles? I forget the exact setting, but it is to that effect. All I'm seeing in the profile manager (grapheneos) is "send notifications to current user" which is on. The details describe what the lock screen notifications would be, since the other profile is essentially in a lock screen state. So I believe my answer here is yes, especially since my work VoIP app rings through to other profiles.17:13:30
@_bifrost_moparisthebest=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgmoparisthebest> I would fall back to quad9, only then then cloudflare Ideally it would try all the public DNS resolvers and then again over Tor until it connects :)17:19:06
@_bifrost_singpolyma=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgsingpolymamoparisthebest: I'm not confident what causes that error to happen, the code that triggers it hasn't been changed in a very long time. However I do have a fix for it in pre-release17:31:19
@_bifrost_liqueur=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgliqueur> that's good right? If you use signal surely you want it to connect by any means possible if possible? moparisthebest: i just provided it as an example of what other apps do (in this case, fallback to hardcoded dns and ips)17:36:39
@_bifrost_liqueur=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgliqueursince some consider signal their gold standard17:37:25
@_bifrost_liqueur=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgliqueurthough, in their case it might be more about anticensorship after reviewing that file more17:38:36
@_bifrost_ossguy=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgossguymonarch‎: re "I guess I am trying to use Cheogram as a SIP client registered at Sonetel's with their SIP address", Cheogram does support that - you need to set it up per https://blog.jmp.chat/b/mobile-friendly-sip-gateway17:41:49
@_bifrost_liqueur=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgliqueurand with signal being signal, connecting to google, cloudflare, amazon, microsoft, fastly, etc is required as that's where the infrastructure is, so them using cloudflare dns isn't really much of a concern17:50:59
@_bifrost_liqueur=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgliqueuri'm not for or against in cheogram, since we've been told how to avoid it - make sure your system dns works. if someone's in a position to purposely break dns, they surely should be in a position to block or dnat
@_bifrost_liqueur=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgliqueuri'll wait for the anonymized dnscrypt and oblivious doh features to be integrated into cheogram /s17:55:21
@_bifrost_el=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgelI'm wondering if there could be a setting option to decide the behaviour of Cheogram when one has reached the end of messages in a chat (especially in a group chat with many messages per day). If I reach the end of the messages, then go to another chat, when I come back later cheo (and all conversations forks I've tried) will scroll to the end of the new messages instead of staying at the next new message. Maybe some people like this but it drives me nuts. (If I did not get to the end of messages before switching chats, when I come back cheo opens at the next new message, I just want this to happen in both situations)18:03:21
@_bifrost_Menel=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgMenelHm that's not the behavior I see with cheogram or conversations. It is never scrolled down past unread messages for me18:21:03
@_bifrost_Gnafu=20the=20Great=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgGnafu the Greatel: I think I know what you mean and I don't think there's a way around it right now. One of the things Conversations 3 is supposed to bring is the ability to jump to a message from search. Maybe some of the infrastructure changes needed to make that happen will also help in your example.18:31:02
@_bifrost_Gnafu=20the=20Great=2fdiscuss=40conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.orgGnafu the GreatOr there will be a new client based on Snikket SDK that will fix every problem ;-D.18:31:23

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