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1 Apr 2020
17:22:33@freenode_cvvergara:matrix.orgcvvergara@kalxas[m] I am basically done with fixing the links, some link issues remain.
17:22:40@freenode_cvvergara:matrix.orgcvvergaraAbout the issues that remain I will add them to the ignore list of links otherwise the build wont pass, and put a TODO comment on the rst file about the ignored link
17:22:48@freenode_cvvergara:matrix.orgcvvergaraI will prepare a PR where I do a project per commit.
19:54:59@_slack_osgeo_U09GV3ZLK:matrix.orgkalxas thanks cvvergara
20:08:16@freenode_n52|eike:matrix.org@freenode_n52|eike:matrix.org left the room.
2 Apr 2020
05:56:36@freenode_n52|eike:matrix.org@freenode_n52|eike:matrix.org joined the room.
06:25:12@freenode_n52|eike:matrix.org@freenode_n52|eike:matrix.org left the room.
22:07:53@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b.. just seeing this now .. https://covidtracking.com/about/software
3 Apr 2020
00:13:44@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bACM library open during COVID19 pandemic https://www.acm.org/articles/bulletins/2020/march/dl-access-during-covid-19
00:13:45@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: Open Access to ACM Digital Library During Coronavirus Pandemic (at www.acm.org)
01:30:25@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bpaul norman of OSM, vector tiler https://github.com/pnorman/tilekiln
01:30:26@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: GitHub - pnorman/tilekiln (at github.com)
19:05:06@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bthe Slack web client on Firefox was drawing 10-20% per core, on 4cores.. too much overhead.. freenode working ok
4 Apr 2020
15:53:14@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b_Tenchi_ had you seen this one ? https://pasteboard.co/J2gHncb.png
15:53:15@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (at pasteboard.co)
15:54:22@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b .. done a few versions ago.. the result there is to show only java -> tomcat / no_tomcat .. but it is a start
15:54:56@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_blots of other filters possible .. for example, PostGIS or not, GeoTools or not
15:56:05@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b I thought of you because it is part of an 'educational' side, to teach programming or show system architects some choices in this ecosystem
7 Apr 2020
18:23:39@freenode_bakaniko:matrix.orgbakaniko joined the room.
18:23:40@freenode_bakaniko:matrix.orgbakanikohi all
18:36:21@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bstrange to see... professors and staff at UC Berkeley today, senior people, having trouble with internet connections and software when they have to talk outside of school !
18:36:35@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b.. the ones inside the nest
19:15:01@freenode_bakaniko:matrix.orgbakaniko It's been 3 weeks I didn't get to work :)
19:15:19@freenode_bakaniko:matrix.orgbakanikoWith webcam, everyone seems ok
19:23:45@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bhi from Berkeley, good computers, slow Internet.. almost zero disease.. but every city in the area has cases of illness now
10 Apr 2020
01:16:00@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_bEdzer reads more Twitter (auf Englisch) than I do -- https://twitter.com/rabernat/status/1244668442042605570
01:27:28@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_band, this one got traction .. https://peekaboo-vision.blogspot.com/2020/01/dont-fund-software-that-doesnt-exist.html
01:27:28@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: Dont fund Software that doesnt exist (at peekaboo-vision.blogspot.com)
01:27:38@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b(I have his PhD thesis on my desk now, from last year)

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