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19 Aug 2020
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13Download experimental_dictcleaning.py13:29:12
$ python3 experimental_dictcleaning.py 
{'UserDataList': [{'IsFavorite': False, 'ItemId': 'f6dc9f729628df3fb1cc7b44bc1a2515', 'Key': '280619004008', 'LastPlayedDate': '2020-08-18T03:00:10.6660128Z', 'PlayCount': 1, 'PlaybackPositionTicks': 0, 'Played': False}, {'IsFavorite': False, 'ItemId': '061618139cb14d6dd4b0fd3bfb693294', 'Key': '280619004', 'PlayCount': 0, 'PlaybackPositionTicks': 0, 'Played': False, 'UnplayedItemCount': 8}], 'UserId': '7b2664944327497a9e2b200138f22671'}
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13it's not a large dict, but it does run 1m times in 13s13:31:45
@possumlodge-bot:matrix.possumlodge.mepossumlodge-bot1.00m => 3.28ft13:31:46
@sparky:matrix.possumlodge.mesparkyyes, good job bot13:32:41
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltonDownload movie.json13:36:37
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltonthere's 1 movie13:36:43
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltonthe sync calls off the top of my head: movies: 1 big call tv shows: 1 big call for shows, 1 call for each show to get episodes music: 3 calls (now)13:39:24
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr131k movies would add roughly 280ms to full sync time on my system14:08:38
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13279.236230s for 1M calls on your movie example14:09:40
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13 * 279.236231s for 1M calls on your movie example14:10:02
@possumlodge-bot:matrix.possumlodge.mepossumlodge-bot1.00m => 3.28ft14:11:06
@possumlodge-bot:matrix.possumlodge.mepossumlodge-bot1.00m => 3.28ft14:11:07
20 Aug 2020
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13I made this thing – anything important I've overlooked? https://github.com/oddstr13/template-vscode-python 16:07:26
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltoni don't use vscode. you people and your fancy tools16:15:44
@iwalton3:matrix.orgiwalton3I've been using pycharm recently because it catches more errors.16:19:24
@iwalton3:matrix.orgiwalton3I still have a long way to go though before it will check without warnings, but it still helps.16:19:46
@iwalton3:matrix.orgiwalton3I use vim a lot for scripting. I'm sure you can get linters working with it if that was desired. I know there are some pretty impressive code completion plugins for vim.16:23:12
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13 Well, I was more asking about tools, such as pytest, coverage and flake8 which I've (at least started to) configure 17:02:26
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltonthat's really all I know of. there's also Black, but it's much more strict and i don't think I would recommend it as a default17:20:37
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarlton Oddstr13: do you want to try your json parsing thing before we do another release, or fix it in the next one? 21:33:52
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13Winding down for the night, so if you want to release tonight I guess next one21:37:53
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13Winding down for the night, so if you want to release tonight I guess next one21:37:53
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltonno rush, i'd rather that get in so we don't do a release that's still broken for some people21:38:42
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltonalso still super confused about why I can't replicate it21:38:56
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13 I also expect shit to break cause many places don't use .get 21:39:15
@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltoni'll have time this weekend to deal with it if you don't want to21:40:58
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13I saw a bunch of similar errors when attempting to sync against unstable a few days back, hence me switching to stable so that I could binge series instead of doing usefull stuff for a few days21:41:01
@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13 I'll at least set up the basic pr tomorrow if I remember 21:43:15

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