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19 Aug 2021
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26 Aug 2021
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29 Aug 2021
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14 Sep 2021
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17 Sep 2021
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20 Sep 2021
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22 Sep 2021
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7 Oct 2021
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9 Oct 2021
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14 Oct 2021
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22 Nov 2021
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23 Nov 2021
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4 Dec 2021
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21 Dec 2021
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@ahpbrad:connectahp.comahpbradNot sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but how would I enable a public room to display on https://view.matrix.org? When I try to view my public room I receive this error message "User @2985302:matrix.org not in room !IUKGaGdrdwspuvKLDS:connectahp.com, and room previews are disabled (M_FORBIDDEN)". Do I need to invite a specific user @matrix.org to join my public room?18:40:52
@tulir:maunium.nettulirset history visibility to "anyone"18:42:20
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) Also make sure at least one matrix.org user is in the room 18:56:56
@ahpbrad:connectahp.comahpbradThx for both tips. So add myself (using my matrix.org user account), correct?18:58:37
@ahpbrad:connectahp.comahpbrad * Thx for both tips. Adding myself (matrix.org) was the magic. History Visibility = Anyone allowed me to see all the content!19:06:21
4 Jan 2022
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3 Feb 2022
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