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26 Jun 2022
@_discord_188838932765474816:t2bot.ioveka I'm wondering why there was no cells or navigator in settings initially 03:44:29
@_discord_363492586171924491:t2bot.iomaurvir Has the performance wiki been updated? I'm out of town, but I would like to check these when I get home 03:45:30
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust Only changed values are recorded in settings.cfg. When you first install OpenMW the file isn't there at all. 03:45:41
@_discord_188838932765474816:t2bot.ioveka draw is down from 16 to 6ish 03:45:47
@_discord_188838932765474816:t2bot.ioveka fps seems better 03:45:51
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust Much better. 03:45:57
@_discord_188838932765474816:t2bot.ioveka I'm surprised the water shader is so costly 03:46:32
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust It draws the entire scene a second time. If you ever wondered why modern games prefer to do mostly screen-space reflection, tat's why. 03:47:41
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust * It draws the entire scene a second time. If you ever wondered why modern games prefer to do mostly screen-space reflection, that's why. 03:47:49
@_discord_188838932765474816:t2bot.ioveka that makes sense 03:48:00
@_discord_188838932765474816:t2bot.ioveka draw does go up to around 12 but framerate isn't going under 60 03:48:23
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust Shadows are costly too, but modern games account for that since you really can't do without them. 03:48:51
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust You're now only limited by your vsync or framerate cap. Not that there's much reason to go above 60. 03:49:33
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust In the future, OpenMW will probably have a cheap screen-space alternative for reflections like other modern games. 03:57:43
@_discord_363492586171924491:t2bot.iomaurvir Even if it's costly, I do like the fact that you can set it so that everything reflects on the water. It's one of those little things you notice that really adds immersion. 04:02:58
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust Yeah, it's nice if you can afford it. 05:14:26
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust Not as far as I know. Were you interested in something specific? 06:24:25
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@_discord_176448203879743488:t2bot.iotestman#1230 https://www.reddit.com/r/Morrowind/comments/vktn53/openmw_and_mod_organizer_issue/ 10:13:52
@_discord_765465051951398952:t2bot.ioMikhael changed their display name from Mikhael to Mikhael#6702.12:21:18
@_discord_765465051951398952:t2bot.ioMikhael changed their display name from Mikhael#6702 to Mikhael.12:21:29
@_discord_79571361416089600:t2bot.iomanymoneyRedacted or Malformed Event20:14:10
@_discord_138163825550557184:t2bot.ioLuxray is there a way to make the journal/book fonts better? i found a mod for the other parts 20:48:16
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@_discord_306571862085861376:t2bot.ioMilesGates Luxray https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/46854 ? 22:44:51
@_discord_138163825550557184:t2bot.ioLuxray ohhhhhhhhhhhh. thank youi 22:45:18
@_discord_306571862085861376:t2bot.ioMilesGates careful on the install, it's specia. 22:45:42
@_discord_306571862085861376:t2bot.ioMilesGates * careful on the install, it's special. 22:45:45
We're having an issue with the werewolf mode in OpenMW.
So, if we hide and turn into a werewolf (no one sees us do it), and then we run away and hide again and turn back (even after cell changes so there's no way anyone saw us), and even if we bring in a brand new ID with a second timer attached to it, everyone still knows we were the werewolf.
Any ideas?

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