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1 Aug 2021
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear_notabear Shame this mp3butcher isn't on Discord, seen them alot in issues before my time. 06:47:11
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear_notabear * Shame this mp3butcher isn't on Discord, seen them alot in issues before my time. 06:47:21
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear_notabear * Still missing context, what was missing just research? It's stated that it diverges from FFP anyway, so not seeing the issue here. 06:49:12
@_discord_271841946253656069:t2bot.ioJaceX wazabear CMAugust Capo The flickering does not occur in 0.46.

Test yourself with Ash Weather, console command:
ChangeWeather, "Bitter Coast Region", 6
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo Obviously. 06:57:54
@_discord_271841946253656069:t2bot.ioJaceX 0.47 and 0.48 flickering exists. 06:57:54
@_discord_456454042441351178:t2bot.ioArbok joined the room.07:00:11
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust Yes, that shouldn't have been enough to kill the PR if you ask me. Unfortunately, last I heard mp3butcher is now too busy for any further work. 07:09:11
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust wazabear Isn't there a change this is already fixed with sky shaders branch? 07:15:29
@_discord_332615662751186945:t2bot.ioSinscere joined the room.08:11:40
@_discord_332615662751186945:t2bot.ioSinscereRedacted or Malformed Event08:11:41
@_discord_332615662751186945:t2bot.ioSinscereRedacted or Malformed Event08:11:41
@_discord_332615662751186945:t2bot.ioSinscereRedacted or Malformed Event08:17:14
@_discord_143456470132850688:t2bot.ioSieg (Lind) Does anyone know what mod modifies broken bottles and great hlaau guards? I'm following the Total Overhaul modlist and these two textures are broken. 09:05:10
@_discord_143456470132850688:t2bot.ioSieg (Lind) https://i.imgur.com/wSkw1vj.jpeg 09:05:15
@_discord_143456470132850688:t2bot.ioSieg (Lind) https://i.imgur.com/a9EDKEh.jpeg 09:05:48
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust Just click on them in console and type ori 09:10:43
@_discord_143456470132850688:t2bot.ioSieg (Lind) Found it thanks. It's the City of Balmora mod 09:18:04
@_discord_143456470132850688:t2bot.ioSieg (Lind) I think it got partially bundled with the White Suran MD mod in the list, but no link to download the actual mod so the textures came broken 09:18:31
@_discord_314314148441882624:t2bot.ioAkitoshTheBold I had a similar thing happened with umopp 13:50:03
@_discord_549835822111916036:t2bot.ioelsid Try https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw/-/merge_requests/1079, it should mostly solve the problem. 13:50:18
@_discord_314314148441882624:t2bot.ioAkitoshTheBold Where the dragonfly meshes were all weird yello and gray static blobs 13:50:42
@_discord_314314148441882624:t2bot.ioAkitoshTheBold So I had to load vanilla bcsounds after umopp 13:50:57
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris Excite!! It looks like there are no Mac artifacts in the pipelines for that MR, but it's possible I am just too confused by the gitlab interface to find them. 16:24:19
@_discord_549835822111916036:t2bot.ioelsid Mac artifacts are not generated for MRs from forks. I've pushed a branch into upstream, that should generated them https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw/-/pipelines/346169744 . 16:27:25
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris Many thanks. 16:27:47
@_discord_271841946253656069:t2bot.ioJaceX Where should I post a dmp file if I am crashing? 16:28:25
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear_notabear Make sure it's a dump from a RelWithDebugInfo build and create an issue on Gitlab. If it was from a dev build upload the CI-ID.txt along with the dump. 16:33:57
@_discord_271841946253656069:t2bot.ioJaceX What do I do if the dmp is too big? It's 16mb. 17:38:39
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 I've had people send me multi-gigabyte dumps, so 16 MB isn't big. If Discord won't let you attach it, try something like Google Drive or Mega. 17:41:08

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