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23 Jan 2020
05:44:45@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson The Wondrous Mushroom: Mycolatry in Mesoamerica: Robert Gordon, Wasson: 9780070684430: Amazon.com: Books
05:45:29@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonRedacted or Malformed Event
16:00:35@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson ROBERT GORDON WASSON Seeking the Magic Mushroom
17:49:26@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson109.jpg
17:52:07@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson107.jpg
17:54:27@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson In the first picture above there's a group of us in Mexico with a Medicine Woman who specializes in psilocybin mushroom ceremonies the second picture is the friend of mine who introduced me to her
17:56:32@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson105.8.7.jpg
18:00:35@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonThis is the medicine woman beside her altar in her ceremonial room where in she gave each of us 9 freshly picked psilocybin mushrooms later on all the lights were off and we set in the dark as she sung Her Sacred songs
18:04:01@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson106.2.jpg
18:05:49@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson115.2.jpg
18:06:38@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonRedacted or Malformed Event
18:29:43@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson117.1 (7).jpg
117.1 (7).jpg
18:31:37@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson115.1.jpg
18:32:49@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson106.1.jpg
24 Jan 2020
20:42:26@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonAnother term for psychedelic Sacrament is entheogens with the etymological meaning of manifesting the Divine. The Mesoamerican Indians referred to psilocybin mushrooms as flesh of the Gods.
22:30:30@usertogo:matrix.orgusertogo just like even in the canonized scriptures references like flesh or my body are the code for the 'forbidden fruit' ...
25 Jan 2020
02:09:59@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonAnother entheogen is the peyote cactus. This one is a central sacrament of the Native American Church.
02:12:16@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonMost of the peyote rituals I have attended was with the Native American Church. On two occasions I travel to Mexico and did peyote ritual there. One of these two was intertribal modeled after the Native American Church without teepee. The other with with a huichol medicine man
02:13:23@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson77.6.jpg
02:16:38@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonThis is the huichol medicine man with members of his family and others of us who did a ceremony together.
02:17:52@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson77.2.jpg
02:18:24@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson Hear the medicine man is blessing the space in which we'll be having our ceremony. Is conducted at night around the fire.
02:21:27@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson78.1.2.jpg
02:22:13@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson78.2.1.jpg
02:24:06@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson78.2.2.7.jpg
02:24:54@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson78.3.4 (2).jpg
78.3.4 (2).jpg
02:25:46@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson78.3.5.jpg
02:26:33@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson79.1.9.jpg
02:29:11@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson Watch "Huichol - Shamanic Deer Dance" on YouTube

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