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11 Sep 2022
@jonnymatrix:matrix.orgjonLove is... Illogical 17:51:22
@pumpkkin:matrix.orgthe pump
In reply to @jonnymatrix:matrix.org
Love is... Illogical
love makes feel good
@pumpkkin:matrix.orgthe pumpand life is all about feeling good18:07:39
@jonnymatrix:matrix.orgjonI agree with the premise. But the conclusion may not explain everything.18:09:07
@pumpkkin:matrix.orgthe pump sends love to the jon tron 18:38:52
@jonnymatrix:matrix.orgjonI am the job tron?18:40:11
@jonnymatrix:matrix.orgjonJon tron18:52:07
@pumpkkin:matrix.orgthe pump
In reply to @jonnymatrix:matrix.org
I am the job tron?
give us jobs
@jonnymatrix:matrix.orgjonHaha 19:53:08
@jonnymatrix:matrix.orgjonThanks for the love19:53:25
14 Sep 2022
@optimist.:matrix.orgMICHAEL PEYTON6be8f067ebb47d117f8e677a9304c0ed.jpg
Download 6be8f067ebb47d117f8e677a9304c0ed.jpg
@optimist.:matrix.orgMICHAEL PEYTON*GOOD MORNING* Thank you very much for giving God time in you live. Jesus give me this massage for you. *1John 3:8 says "brethren, let us not LOVE in words or speech but in deeds and in truth. "* Upon studying this verse am convince that one cannot be a Christian and hate someone. If we really love Jesus and abide in him as we speak then we must try in all our means to *love one another( John 15:12) .* Be at peace with everyone, even your enemy. Just find ways to be peace with those who hurt you deeply and learn from your mistakes . A peaceful heart have a confidence in God in prayer. *1John 3:21-22 says beloved,if our heart do not condemn us,we have confidence before God; and we receive from Him whatever we ask, because we keep His commandment* . AMEN AMEN AND AMEN08:48:27
17 Sep 2022
@wernicke1korsakoff1syndrome:matrix.orgAntiNatalismVPleasure&GeorgismWagesAndAutomation changed their display name from Georgism&ArePotatoesReallyNotConscious to Georgism&DoPotatoesNeverFeelPain.11:02:22
@optimist.:matrix.orgMICHAEL PEYTONGod is the judge in the spiritual realm. lf you mix the Mark without doing reparation to Jesus Christ you are a neutral being. Yes the devil always make you focus on things that will make you enemy to God to enable him to prosecute you. Satan don't give things for free and he has no permanent solution, for he is the problem . Satan calm your pain and take something your life depends on from you. Satan mission is to Steal, kill and destroy. Jesus mission is to save you back to your creator God. Examine your life and run for refuge in Jesus Christ. AMEN AMEN AND AMEN16:09:12
18 Sep 2022
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@velesthagod:matrix.orgvelesthagod changed their profile picture.09:48:20
In reply to the pump
christianity is... illogical
Do you mean "irrational" or can you elaborate on where the logic breaks? Also, are you talking about peoples imaginations (doctrine), or are you referring to the Bible itself? (In case of "both", please give an example, where you feel the Bible is illogical).
19 Sep 2022
@optimist.:matrix.orgMICHAEL PEYTONDownload VID-20220919-WA0000.mp411:39:56
@optimist.:matrix.orgMICHAEL PEYTON *We see you laughing .* Your prayers for many years is answered. Just be at peace and make sure you will not fall into the trap of the enemy for they have also seen it. Control your anger because that is the only gate to stop your blessing or answers to your prayer. *I repeat we see you laughing! Only believe .* AMEN, AMEN AND11:40:08

MICHAEL PEYTON: I don't know if it is a client problem I am having, but I get this:


VID-20220919-WA0000.mp4 [unsupported msgtype: m.video]

/* MICHAEL PEYTON​VID-20220919-WA0000.mp4 [unsupported msgtype: m.video] */
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20 Sep 2022
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@wernicke1korsakoff1syndrome:matrix.orgAntiNatalismVPleasure&GeorgismWagesAndAutomation set a profile picture.14:14:09
22 Sep 2022
@wernicke1korsakoff1syndrome:matrix.orgAntiNatalismVPleasure&GeorgismWagesAndAutomation changed their display name from Georgism&DoPotatoesNeverFeelPain to AntiNatalism&GeorgismWagesAndAutomation.14:24:43
23 Sep 2022
@wernicke1korsakoff1syndrome:matrix.orgAntiNatalismVPleasure&GeorgismWagesAndAutomation changed their display name from AntiNatalism&GeorgismWagesAndAutomation to AntiNatalismVPleasure&GeorgismWagesAndAutomation.00:19:56

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