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18 Jun 2020
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <tipbot@discord>: @rickbtc 00:56:47
20 Jun 2020
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Xades@discord>: Is background sync of listings planned at some point? If I don't leave my marketplace wallet open it has zero listings after a couple days. 19:37:15
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Xades@discord>: Also, when you place a bid on an item, it doesn't check to see if you have blind coins already before it converts some. 20:22:19
21 Jun 2020
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <RobbinHoodie@discord>: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@Satoshi_club 15:56:46
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <RobbinHoodie@discord>: Could we get a team member to apply for an AMA on this channel? Ghost did one today and it seemed to peak some interest 15:59:58
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <RobbinHoodie@discord>: Application form is bottom of this page - https://esatoshi.club/category/ama-series/ "apply for ama" 16:00:40
22 Jun 2020
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23 Jun 2020
@angela:feneas.organgela 20:39:46
25 Jun 2020
@karin:kde.orgkarin 21:10:32
26 Jun 2020
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <rickbtc@discord>: Read over some of the monero ama and it was fantastic. We really do need to get ourselves out there more. Maybe @CryptoGuard would be up to do one? 08:22:23
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: on the satoshi club telegram? 09:50:02
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: I think it would be a great idea 09:50:09
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Cryptoguard@telegram>: Indeed :) 18:57:31
@ismael:tchncs.deismael 19:20:48
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <rickbtc@discord>: Cool. here is the link to sign up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLeeLw-xJRV6ZPpWtwDlf1UuD1EeimhTxKhijkMnrk8zog/viewform 23:42:48
27 Jun 2020
@andre:riotchat.deandre 23:18:40
28 Jun 2020
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <rickbtc@discord>: dice game with the house being part holders who choose to gamble % of wallet with 51% equity

bustabit.com is a good example

gambling module where u can invest your coins in a decentralized way

29 Jun 2020
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <akshaynexus@discord>: in docs on particl wiki,zapping on particl core the instructions are to send yourself some dust on a new standard receiving address and change is sent to a 256bit address ,is there any particular reason this is the instruction for zapping on core instead of making a 256bit receiving address and sending the amount you want to delegate?I understand zapping full public balance allows for chain analysis to see what all addresses are connected to one user/wallet but any other reason other than that? 00:51:20
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: afaik you can do both 01:01:15
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <akshaynexus@discord>: wiki doesnt seem to mention that though 01:02:24
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <akshaynexus@discord>: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557647258305429505/726965774152892467/unknown.png 01:02:27
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: Yep I know 01:02:42
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <themellowone@telegram>: You guys really need to do an eth wrapped token, or some airdrop for a dapp on the platform, something to launch on uniswap. Everything is happening on eth. Being offchain costs a lot of exposure. I know, eth/privacy = no good. But something to relaunch particle in the current climate 01:02:53
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: Zapping is very risky for many reasons. It can really ruin the whole anonymity concept 01:03:44
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <akshaynexus@discord>: right 01:04:24
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: you must be joking mellow ☺️ 01:04:55
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: Letting your utxo stake and delegate cold syakinv to your node is one safe the way to go 01:07:15
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: might take sometime though. 1500 output will stake circa once per week 01:08:59
4 Jul 2020
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