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12 May 2023
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@fatback:matrix.org@fatback:matrix.orgI don't have a suggestion to the particl network or software, but one suggestion is to get the word out more about particl to begin with! I try to tell people about it whenever discussing topics like leaving Amazon. I know the team just got back from monerotopia and have been on an episode of monero talk, but I'd love to see particl spread their message and their capabilities more. I've always asked why we couldn't get an anonymous market that sells everyday stuff (like food or puzzles or whatever else) and I think particl is well suited to answer that question.00:58:48
@fatback:matrix.org@fatback:matrix.orgKeep up the great work!00:59:01
20 May 2023
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1 Jun 2023
@indominion:matrix.orgindomitableIt would be cool if you could pick your own seed or word grouping. Write a poem you can remember or collection of childhood addresses and phone numbers17:13:05
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30 Jun 2023
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4 Jul 2023
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14 Jul 2023
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15 Jul 2023
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20 Jul 2023
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4 Aug 2023
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20 Aug 2023
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31 Aug 2023
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5 Sep 2023
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.orgPlease make a Particl TikTok and YT Shorts account, also an Instagram. 23:07:20
In reply to @thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org
Please make a Particl TikTok and YT Shorts account, also an Instagram.
theres a particl project account on instagram
11 Sep 2023
@indominion:matrix.orgindomitableMaybe make the escrow adjustable at the end. Say quantity or quality was off on agreed sale, either party could pose reasonable adjustments. 11:00:08
23 Sep 2023
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org Arm64 builds for Linux.   00:08:00
25 Sep 2023
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.orgTwitter/X Space on the passing of the UKs new spying laws and their significance and practicality of actually being applied at scale. Gibs Content 🙂 14:11:19
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org joskye: rant pls. also maybe ParticlCast ? 14:11:56
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.org@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.orgSpotify, RSS, Just a mirror of the Spaces even. 14:12:13
@kapoorsudartha:matrix.orgjoskyeRedacted or Malformed Event14:52:23
2 Oct 2023
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3 Oct 2023
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26 Oct 2023
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5 Nov 2023
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14 Nov 2023
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4 Dec 2023
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