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17 Jan 2020
16:39:16@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

community is more than 10x times bigger than bch

16:39:28@ludx:matrix.orgludxand monero
16:40:41@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>


16:40:48@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

eth, xmr and dai

21:24:29@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Cryptoguard>

Yeah, adding BCH is definitely a source of conflict within our own community. Wouldn’t risk fracturing it. But at the same time, eventually, anyone will be able to run its own bot. I agree we should probably list other coins before as to not create any unnecessary drama :)

21:30:15@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <CaptainSkywalker>

Im definwtly against BCH but i would have zero problems with adding BCH to the bot

21:30:51@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <CaptainSkywalker>

Hate is never the answer no matter how hard you try

22:23:23@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Pancake>

I watched the last 2 hours interview with Roger Ver from december in vietnam. It didn’t convinced me at all. During the last year I also followed the What Bitcoin Did - Podcast from Peter McCormack. Although he’s a maximalist, to me his arguments are more convincing. In my opinion he’s also trying to judge from a more objective perspective than Roger is doing.

I am not against an BCH swap bot on the marketplace, but please not as second or third coin on the list. Rather somewhere in the double digit ranking.

22:40:57@cryptoramble:matrix.orgcryptorambleI just suggested it because people use it. Ideological rifts are never going to be solved. It's human nature to have them. Yes other communities too. I was thinking because people are likely to be spending and thinking of people I might encounter who want to use the marketplace to test and knowing they love bch. Eth makes me think more of holding. But I'm not making any ideological argument
18 Jan 2020
06:04:50@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <iloveyou>

This Exchange lists a lot of coins. Any chance of getting particl on it? https://1inch.exchange/#/

14:46:14@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Salsi>

Could there be an option to find EU sellers?

14:46:48@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

that could be interesting

14:47:03@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

I have the same problem ^^

14:47:12@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Salsi>

for EU people it means no tariffs and cheaper shippings

14:50:44@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

on the other side you can set your country @Salsi

14:50:57@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

and get only the listings that can ship to it

14:52:20@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

not sure though :LuffyThink:

14:53:39@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

Anyway I could set a EU filter on demarkets https://www.demarkets.io/particl/explorer

15:09:48@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Salsi>

I'm not sure setting own country and seeing only the listings that will ship there is working as intended as theres a lot of “US AND CANADA ONLY”

15:11:43@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

yeah, it doesn’t ^^

15:11:55@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

my listing wasn’t synced

15:12:14@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

as I’m using demarkets most of time to see what’s available ^^

20:56:05@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <RobbinHoodie>

can we change “Thats all folks” at the bottom of market listings to something like “Market listings are currently synconising, click refresh to see the very latest”

20:56:35@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <RobbinHoodie>

maybe even just a button that said refresh listings

21:11:30@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>

that’s all folks is quite strange in fact

21:11:32@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad>


19 Jan 2020
03:43:02@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <SpartaHontas>

The refresh listing button needs to be more clear too, the flickering is very inconspicuous at the moment

16:48:16@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <genuinelyfx>


16:48:24@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherfordRedacted or Malformed Event
20 Jan 2020
21:45:32@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <Pancake>

It has been talked a lot about the need for a mobile app.
Here’s an interesting statement of the founder of lightning zap-wallet at 48:20 min.
Recently I also did some bisq trades, and what’s really great there, is it’s “Bisq mobile notification app”. The app has hardly no functionality except to show up the notifications from it’s desktop app.
I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement, but I really would be happy to have something like this for our marketplace as well (if you don’t trade regularly on the particl marketplace it can be sometimes annoying to check over and over again for non-responding sellers/buyers)

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