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22 Jan 2024
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radiolive now: https://live.culturewar.radio03:00:37
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radio...05:48:24
26 Jan 2024
@dcc:logografos.comdcc ✙............10:33:26
29 Jan 2024
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radiolive now: https://live.culturewar.radio03:34:45
2 Feb 2024
@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_socialI love robert barnes07:25:58
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radiowhy14:21:20
4 Feb 2024
@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_socialvery practical, very grounded11:01:34
5 Feb 2024
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radiolive now: https://live.culturewar.radio04:04:23
12 Feb 2024
@wjmaggos:matrix.orgWilliam Maggosno show tonight.04:40:46
19 Feb 2024
@ndhorse:matrix.orgNathan HaselhorstCan I jump in tonight?03:01:29
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radiolive now: https://live.culturewar.radio03:02:49
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radioyeah, what time?03:03:02
@ndhorse:matrix.orgNathan Haselhorstright now is great03:03:09
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radiocool03:03:22
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radioready?03:07:10
@ndhorse:matrix.orgNathan Haselhorstyes03:07:36
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_Natos purpose?03:56:55
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_sounds like a bad reason to project power. an excuse03:57:37
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_you dont need a superpower to protect shipping lanes. 03:58:41
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_shipping lanes worked fine in the 17th century. areas of responsibility were handled by each power 03:59:18
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_free trade..unless we sanction you for not liking buttsex04:00:19
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_nato pressures its members to support the war, orban admitted that the eu would not give him monetary aid without supporting ukraine if marginally 04:02:39
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_what use is a democratic alliance if its strong arming from above04:03:16
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_iran is moving air defense to syria and houtis just sunk a ship 04:04:20
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_trump rules like jeb bush would, just with more sass on twitter, he is no maverik04:05:04
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_yea your loud enough04:10:46
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_Redacted or Malformed Event04:20:44
@kent_:matrix.orgkent_ * the pirates your thinking of were attacking americans. hence the marines involvement 04:21:00
26 Feb 2024
@cwr.host:matrix.orgHost of Culture War Radiolive now: https://live.culturewar.radio03:00:56

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