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2 Feb 2017
09:27:22@oneyb:matrix.orgoneyband how did my selfie get in there?
09:41:03@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgi have no idea...
10 Feb 2017
11:23:17@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.org@oneyb:matrix.org: about brightway
27 Feb 2017
14:07:37@oneyb:matrix.orgoneyb set their display name to oneyb.
2 Mar 2017
06:52:46@oneyb:matrix.orgoneyb Hi all, I have tons of bread(s) from a fair. It's tasty but was going to be thrown away, so I took it with. It should be able to feed 7-10 people. I would like to bring it for lunch. Is that ok?
09:51:47@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgSure did you bring it?
3 Mar 2017
14:31:37@oneyb:matrix.orgoneyboops, just saw this. It worked out anyways. But I still have bread :). Have a nice weekend
14 Mar 2017
13:19:48@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.org set their display name to mklarmann.
26 May 2017
08:08:05@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybGood morning! Is eaternity still close to b├╝rkliplatz?
08:12:44@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybSounds good and thanks for the quick reply. Our meeting at 1230 roughly coincides with lunch. Should I eat beforehand?
08:16:36@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgWell - I am alone in the office. We can some food / I invite you. Usually someone would have cooled
08:18:09@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgI can be at 1200 at Hiltl terasse ...
08:18:22@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgSo we can meet there
08:18:52@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgThey have food
08:19:28@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybI would be glad to bring some food. Hiltl sounds good too.
08:20:17@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybTell me what to do :)
08:21:22@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgHiltl terasse (bahnhofstr) at 1200
08:27:04@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybsounds good!
10:09:36@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.org+41774466981 Call me if you don't find it.
11:42:35@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgHey Bryan - what is your cell phone number?
15:09:43@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orgI think I have only your email. Judith is trying to reach you
27 May 2017
14:40:58@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybsorry, yeah I realized that as well. Did you write this yesterday?
14:41:08@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybAnyway: 0767406930
14:43:42@oneyb:matrix.orgoneybI am not a fan of riot. It makes for poor communication :/
29 May 2017
14:53:40@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.orglet's shut this down...
14:53:53@mklarmann:matrix.org@mklarmann:matrix.org left the room.
20:44:02@mcmunder:matrix.orgmcmunderok, shut down then! byebye riot

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