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8 Mar 2021
@s0l0y0:matrix.org@s0l0y0:matrix.org left the room.21:04:18
@lsolrac:matrix.orgSolrac banned @therealgod___:matrix.org@therealgod___:matrix.org.21:04:23
@groundprime:matrix.orggroundprime joined the room.21:06:03
@n00b450:matrix.orgpervy nobwhat wrong timings?21:06:09
@strawberry_boba:matrix.org.@strawberry_boba:matrix.org. left the room.21:06:28
@lsolrac:matrix.orgSolrac unbanned @strawberry_boba:matrix.org@strawberry_boba:matrix.org.21:07:19
@lsolrac:matrix.orgSolrac banned @strawberry_boba:matrix.org@strawberry_boba:matrix.org (Admitted Minor in Age).21:07:39
@@therealgod___:matrix.org@@therealgod___:matrix.org left the room.21:07:55
@lsolrac:matrix.orgSolrac unbanned @therealgod___:matrix.org@therealgod___:matrix.org.21:08:31
@lsolrac:matrix.orgSolrac banned @therealgod___:matrix.org@therealgod___:matrix.org (Admited Minor, age in name).21:08:48
@n00b450:matrix.orgpervy nobdang 21:10:37
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeekGet yer masks, lads21:15:41
@accountsonfire:matrix.orgaccountsonfireThis room is getting banned again?21:18:06
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeekProbably not21:18:14
@n00b450:matrix.orgpervy nobwhy would it?21:18:25
@accountsonfire:matrix.orgaccountsonfireI thought that that is what Solrac meant21:18:43
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeekI mean, we are pretty regularly banning those who shouldn't be in here in the first place21:18:44
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeek hint, hint 21:19:06
@accountsonfire:matrix.orgaccountsonfireYeah. Guess that that is right21:19:26
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@jirayia:matrix.orgits the im killing himself guy changed their profile picture.21:24:50

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