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20 Feb 2019
11:53:08@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutThat explains things 😛
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12:52:37@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/mautrix-whatsapp] tulir pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/tulir/mautrix-whatsapp/commit/e872e9d425838a08e878b1bf94bea7352b15d0f3
tulir: Update dependencies
tulir: Remove import command and add sync, list, open and pm Fixes #29
tulir: Remove reply fallback before generating new reply fallback. Fixes #26
12:52:37@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/mautrix-whatsapp] tulir closed issue #29: Group chats are syncing correctly 1:1s are not [closed] - https://github.com/tulir/mautrix-whatsapp/issues/29
12:52:38@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/mautrix-whatsapp] tulir closed issue #26: Replies to replies are not sent correctly [closed] - https://github.com/tulir/mautrix-whatsapp/issues/26
13:15:53@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/mautrix-whatsapp] tulir pushed to master: Use fork of go-whatsapp with better connection handling - https://github.com/tulir/mautrix-whatsapp/commit/c5aac5e770d40fe5d5549a2939b92f0c103d8165
13:16:06@tulir:maunium.nettulir^ not sure if that's a good idea, but let's see
In reply to @tulir:maunium.net
^ not sure if that's a good idea, but let's see
Thanks, I'll test
In reply to @vskilet:sene.ovh
Thanks, I'll test
Also please report back so I can bug a person to update ours too... im other side of country with phone using this stuff so.. ;D
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14:02:11@tulir:maunium.nettulirlooks like the unexpected websocket close is an actual new problem in the library: https://github.com/Rhymen/go-whatsapp/issues/106
14:11:52@vskilet:sene.ovhvskiletYes I've the same but the bridge works
14:19:41@vskilet:sene.ovhvskiletho ok not all the time ^^
En réponse à @tulir:maunium.net
looks like the unexpected websocket close is an actual new problem in the library: https://github.com/Rhymen/go-whatsapp/issues/106
That's my issue !
14:29:24@erdnaxeli:cervoi.seerdnaxeliRebooting the bridge on each error kind of work...
14:42:34@vskilet:sene.ovhvskiletYes ^^
14:43:37@vskilet:sene.ovhvskiletMmmh It seems that when thre is to much message to send (sync history) it crash
15:04:59@vskilet:sene.ovhvskiletIs it normal that display name aren't sync ?
15:05:40@vskilet:sene.ovhvskiletIf I refuse room, is the bot leave the discussion in the whatsapp app ?
15:08:52@vskilet:sene.ovhvskiletok. Should I do something to change that comportement ?
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17:22:55@vorletzter:kolloq.devorletzter vskilet: Contact Names are not synced here eithere
17:26:41@tulir:maunium.nettulir did you run import contacts which is now sync?
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19:27:59@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutSo is it safe to upgrade to the latest version? 😛 Also, does the Docker image automatically get built with every commit?
19:28:30@tulir:maunium.nettulirif your current version doesn't have that unexpected websocket close problem, it might not be safe
19:28:39@tulir:maunium.nettulirand yeah it has docker hub autobuilds
19:29:32@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutIt does not I think. I'll stay off it then
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