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9 Jul 2020
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10 Jul 2020
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11 Jul 2020
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@telegram_91055718:tchncs.deShadie Rezazadeh (Telegram)Redacted or Malformed Event05:19:42
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@telegram_625177735:tchncs.deTati Be (Telegram)Hi everyone. My Name is Tatiana. I am a biologist from Argentina . I have been programming in Python for 2 years now. Which is a powerful tool for data analysis . I am happy to join the community. I think is a great place to shear info and solve questions20:18:31
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12 Jul 2020
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13 Jul 2020
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@telegram_953855462:tchncs.deMahesh Velusamy (Telegram) Forwarded message from channel LLB-SCHOOL 📢
LLB-Schrodinger webinar S3

Topic: Computational
Drug Design: Binding Free Energy Calculations and Rapid Exploration of Synthetically Tractable Chemical Space via Machine Learning Tools

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Pritesh Bhat, Sr. Scientist II, Computational chemist, Schrodinger, Bangalore, India.

Date&Time: July 17th, Friday, at 6PM (IST)
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14 Jul 2020
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@telegram_338798263:tchncs.dePeter. (Telegram) Hello @rebelCoder and to you all! I've joined your channel after watching "From Python To Rust" on youtube.
My name is Pietro, I'm a 33yo Bioinformatician from Italy. Best
@telegram_953855462:tchncs.deMahesh Velusamy (Telegram)image.jpeg
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@telegram_953855462:tchncs.deMahesh Velusamy (Telegram) Forwarded message from channel LLB-SCHOOL 📢
LLB-CPMB&B webinar S3

Journey through the world of sequencing Connecting past, present and looking into future

Guest Speaker:
Bony De Kumar, Ph.D.
Genomics Core
School of Medicine & Health Sciences
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND, USA

Date&Time: July 18th, Saturday, at 9AM (IST)

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15 Jul 2020
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@telegram_783128730:tchncs.deUDAYAN KAMBLE (Telegram)Anybudy have Bioinformatics book plz send05:57:35

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