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7 Nov 2019
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19 Dec 2019
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22 Dec 2019
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26 Dec 2019
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1 Jan 2020
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4 Jan 2020
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> we can't seem to reproduce this, so that is what makes it challenging to debug. This is the most info we have ever gotten about the bug, nobody had given us the error from STDOUT before18:34:42
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> so thanks to @zatJUM for that, we know a lot more now18:34:50
* @komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge [discord] <ComputerGenie> is OK with being called a "nobody"18:48:10
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> So to recap, this is the first time anybody has given us the actual error to work with:18:56:03
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> ``` komodod: coins.cpp:564: const CTxOut& CCoinsViewCache::GetOutputFor(const CTxIn&) const: Assertion `coins && coins->IsAvailable(input.prevout.n)' failed. ```18:56:08
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> that is suspiciously similar to the "sync bug of death" inside KMD that Hush discovered18:56:32
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> eerily similar18:56:35
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> but now it seems only users who use -pubkey are affected, i have not heard any reports of this from average users18:57:10
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> 1 mining pool reports similar issues, i am sure they use -pubkey18:57:22
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> @zatJUM do you have high CPU load by chance? is your server close to maxed out on CPU?18:57:56
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <ComputerGenie> `this is the first time anybody has given us the actual error to work with`* *in the Komodo discord18:59:47
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <ComputerGenie> `1 mining pool reports similar issues, i am sure they use -pubkey` No, I don't19:00:41
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> Seems like this is a core KMD bug19:03:35
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> @zatJUM so, after talking with James a bit, I have a few ideas. Either try a fresh sync (get rid of datadir) or try a -reindex and see if that changes stuff. A previous error (maybe Hush coredumped a while ago?) might have corrupted some data19:09:05
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> this especially happened to me with zaddrs recently19:09:41
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> a coredump or other bad error, will break the state of our zaddrs and your wallet will think you are trying to double spend, until you reindex19:10:04
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <dukeleto> because it never got to say "this zutxo is spent" and write out the data19:10:27
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <zatJUM> ```do you have high CPU load by chance?```By chance: no 😉 ```is your server close to maxed out on CPU?```No, it's on my main NN, and I do not mine KMD on it, but 5 smartchains with `genproclimit=1` only19:52:46
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <zatJUM> I hadn't noticed it, but hushd had stopped: ```[HUSH3] ht.151813 txi.3 signedmask.810122120a20a200 numvins.13 numvouts.2 <<<<<<<<<<< notarized [HUSH3] matched.1 VALID (HUSH3) MoM.9e2db433588f8cd62b52f7cb614cb340d03298391b07984428878256d1b2300e [4] CCid.2 [HUSH3] ht.151813 NOTARIZED.151806 HUSH3.00000000ecbd32f9c25de7272c2ad9506ee4eafaaa1f5217f1062da28ed3d5b1 KMDTXID.4cc87f07f16c6c7a41b3769b749a0896e35882ace72059411fb25230df278687 lens.(146 117) MoM.9e2db433588f8cd62b52f7cb614cb340d03298391b07984428878256d1b2300e 131076 GenerateBitcoins: nThreads.0 fGenerate.0 StartShutdown: fRequestShudown=true Shutdown: start Shutdown: stopping HTTP/REST/RPC GenerateBitcoins: nThreads.0 fGenerate.0 Shutdown: stopping node```19:55:55
@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <ComputerGenie> `By chance: no 😉 ` 💞19:56:25

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