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28 Nov 2022
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgYes00:59:02
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgOk then I'll probably set my launch options to 'firejail brave' then lol00:59:26
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orghopefully that should give me some more protection than not using it 00:59:44
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgThe risk comes from simply having Firejail installed00:59:48
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgI see01:00:00
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.org

Here's the link to the original conversation:


@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgAlso, yeah, it was definitely you who asked originally01:03:38
In reply to @memorysafetybelike:envs.net
Also, yeah, it was definitely you who asked originally
Sorry must have forgotten
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgI suggest re-reading the original conversation01:04:54
In reply to @memorysafetybelike:envs.net
I suggest re-reading the original conversation
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgI'm kinda of the fence if I should use it or not now01:21:20
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgor if I should just man up and learn bwrap01:21:35
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgI never liked the phrase "man up"01:21:49
In reply to @memorysafetybelike:envs.net
I never liked the phrase "man up"
what about toughen up?
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgBut it can't hurt to learn to properly configure Bubblewrap01:22:03
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.org
In reply to @anon7642594:matrix.org
what about toughen up?
I have no problem with that version
In reply to @memorysafetybelike:envs.net
I have no problem with that version
O okay ill use that then
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgI just don't appreciate the gendered language01:22:27
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgbut yeah so01:22:30
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgI probably will try to learn to use bwrap01:22:41
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgAs if only men can be tough01:22:47
In reply to @memorysafetybelike:envs.net
As if only men can be tough
anyone can be tough but Im def not tough xD
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.orgIt's definitely a toxic masculine microaggression01:23:11
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgI guess a good place to start is the man pages01:23:43
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgI also thinking of gentoo because I'd like to compile all my software 01:24:32
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin [they|them] -> @alex:matrix.anonymousplanet.org Also check out https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Bubblewrap 01:24:35
In reply to @memorysafetybelike:envs.net
Also check out https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Bubblewrap
ah yeah as they say the arch wiki is the linux wiki lol
@anon7642594:matrix.org@anon7642594:matrix.orgty :)01:24:51
@wernicke1korsakoff1syndrome:matrix.orggeorge changed their display name from PQC.PostQuantumCrypto.NTRUMcEliece.Please to george.11:20:24

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