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29 Oct 2018
18:17:50@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselincThank you friend! @room @everyone @here trying them all. Please help the status team not have to stay there yall!
5 Nov 2018
22:05:38@xardas:matrix.orgxardas changed their profile picture.
7 Nov 2018
18:51:14@jpitts:matrix.orgjpittsFYI, the Forum is being backed up and upgraded
18 Nov 2018
11:45:13@gichiba0:matrix.orggichiba0 set a profile picture.
29 Nov 2018
14:30:41@kodikodytis:matrix.orgJacques Dafflon removed their profile picture.
14:30:57@kodikodytis:matrix.orgJacques Dafflon set a profile picture.
4 Dec 2018
23:50:10@luke:matrix.parity.ioluke removed their profile picture.
6 Dec 2018
19:20:05@afri:matrix.parity.ioAfri changed their display name from Afri | Parity to Afri.
12 Dec 2018
23:59:43@ethernian.one:matrix.orgethernian joined the room.
15 Dec 2018
04:43:22@xardas:matrix.orgxardas changed their profile picture.
04:43:37@xardas:matrix.orgxardas removed their profile picture.
04:45:54@xardas:matrix.orgxardas set a profile picture.
04:47:32@xardas:matrix.orgxardas changed their profile picture.
04:50:15@xardas:matrix.orgxardas changed their profile picture.
04:50:27@xardas:matrix.orgxardas removed their profile picture.
04:50:37@xardas:matrix.orgxardas set a profile picture.
18 Dec 2018
16:19:09@g_:matrix.orggabi removed their profile picture.
16:19:36@g_:matrix.orggabi set a profile picture.
11 Jan 2019
18:55:28@tomislavmamic:matrix.orgtomo set their display name to tomo.
16 Jan 2019
08:38:00@tomislavmamic:matrix.orgtomoWe have just announced the Council of Paris, please check the forum announcement and reserve your spot. https://twitter.com/tomislavmamic/status/1085455490790895616
08:38:24@tomislavmamic:matrix.orgtomoAnd share the news :-)
25 Jan 2019
18:30:09@aidanih:matrix.orgaidanih set a profile picture.
18:33:07@lileth:matrix.orglileth set a profile picture.
18:33:33@lileth:matrix.orglileth changed their profile picture.
26 Jan 2019
22:11:42@luke:matrix.parity.iolukeFYI, just donated to the EthMagicians account via contract with tx id (regarding Council of Paris 2019 order id: 8XL3C): 0x01159246a5c611bba830a32790801b1f8ee57cc25b81cffe7b9afb7d2307bdcd
22:38:20@tomislavmamic:matrix.orgtomoThank you!
1 Feb 2019
08:44:13@louisw420:matrix.org索兰.易卜拉欣 changed their display name from minda to 索兰.易卜拉欣.
10 Feb 2019
23:13:45@gitter_dip239:matrix.orgethernian (Gitter) changed their display name from dip239 (Gitter) to ethernian (Gitter).
13 Feb 2019
10:41:54@xardas:matrix.orgxardas changed their profile picture.
14 Feb 2019
22:02:31@avive_sm:matrix.org@avive_sm:matrix.org left the room.

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