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29 Oct 2018
10:07:18@afri:matrix.parity.ioAfriThanks Anna
10:16:29@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselinc If anyone in attendance is interested in being a ringmaker (facilitator) for Oracles ring during the first session, or Trust & Reputation during the second session, please speak up. No one has tagged in for these, so the current plan is to depreciate Oracles in favor of a potential pop up session, and for me to tag in for Trust & Reputation, but I really don't think you wizards will like having a btc maximalist steering your Trust session trollface

I'm Chelsea btw, I spoke up on behalf of anarchy, and though I understand it was well intentioned please don't ever call me a "lady", people.

The discussion on inclusion is great, but one protip for moving toward gender parity- let's stop constantly highlighting perceived gender differences, its awkward tokenism that we get enough of at mainstream conferences, k?

12:15:30@madeof_tin:matrix.orgMadeof_Tin @Borismann I had to run over to devcon for a mandatory volunteer meeting. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Hope to make as much of the metamagicians ring as I can
12:28:31@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselincAnyone tagging in to facilitate trust and reputation next session? Going once....
12:31:21@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleI'm available for this and interested in the topic.
12:38:14@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselincAwesome! I can help you get started at the beginning @danibelle:matrix.org
12:58:30@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelle I'm in the room already and there is a very decentralized flow in process initiated by the person who initiated the circle. If there are specific things you would like captured from the session I can step out and connect with you chiselinc
12:59:56@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselinc Awesome! This is just how things are intended to go @danibelle:matrix.org so y'all are rockstars
13:40:39@g_:matrix.orggabi changed their display name from 0xG to gabi.
15:38:48@jpitts:matrix.orgjpittsEIPs & Interop session: It is outlined here: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-1.md
15:40:52@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleQuestion, for one who took notes and names, Where best to put them?
15:40:54@jpitts:matrix.orgjpittsThis is core EIPs
15:45:36@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleFor Ring discussions and outcomes/next steps.. i have information to share to the Trust & Reputation Ring... shall I post to this location? https://ethereum-magicians.org/c/working-groups
15:50:30@borismann:matrix.orgborismann danibelle: yes -- Fellowship Gatherings > Council Session > new topic
18:07:22@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselinc Hey if anyone is still there, they need people cleared out ASAP. They didn't warn us so we didn't make that expectation clear
18:07:41@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselinc But if you're there and can help make that happen that would be amazing
18:15:00@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselinc How do you indicate "EMERGENCY MESSAGE" in riot? Lol
18:16:54@madeof_tin:matrix.orgMadeof_Tin @room ^
18:17:18@madeof_tin:matrix.orgMadeof_TinMaybe 🤷‍♂️
18:17:50@chiselinc:matrix.orgchiselincThank you friend! @room @everyone @here trying them all. Please help the status team not have to stay there yall!
5 Nov 2018
22:05:38@xardas:matrix.orgxardas changed their profile picture.
7 Nov 2018
18:51:14@jpitts:matrix.orgjpittsFYI, the Forum is being backed up and upgraded
18 Nov 2018
11:45:13@gichiba0:matrix.orggichiba0 set a profile picture.
29 Nov 2018
14:30:41@kodikodytis:matrix.orgJacques Dafflon removed their profile picture.
14:30:57@kodikodytis:matrix.orgJacques Dafflon set a profile picture.
4 Dec 2018
23:50:10@luke:matrix.parity.ioluke removed their profile picture.
6 Dec 2018
19:20:05@afri:matrix.parity.ioAfri changed their display name from Afri | Parity to Afri.

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