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6 Dec 2018
06:29:04* @shirish:matrix.orgshirish looking at nvidia
06:29:55@shirish:matrix.orgshirishof course it will take time but that is the idea at least from what is being shown, whether they will be able to achieve that is yet to be known. No backdoors, no nothing.
7 Dec 2018
17:47:37@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം)@all please check this draft letter on setting up hardware lab
17:50:18@shirish:matrix.orgshirishlooks good to me.
17:51:16@shirish:matrix.orgshirishthe only thing I would suggest is talk of support and warranty more.
17:52:15@shirish:matrix.orgshirishA business case could be made if we could do something better than existing devices. Most devices for e.g. mobile phones have a warranty of 1 year, could we exceed that and do we hava capability of that.
17:53:07@shirish:matrix.orgshirishSame in laptops as well. If we want to be there, we would have to talk in the horizon of 5 years support or something on those lines. Most do 1-2 years warranty.
17:53:35@shirish:matrix.orgshirishIt only makes sense if we can provide something better than existing models and have enough bandwidth.
18:08:26@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം)see tommorrow, insha Allah. Good night
9 Dec 2018
08:53:54@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം) Hyperbola - News: Hyperbola is officially accepted by FSF as a Free System Distribution
22 Dec 2018
In reply to @ignujee:matrix.org
@all please check this draft letter on setting up hardware lab
The letter was send to ICFOSS. Got reply that ICFOSS is already setting up a open hardware Lab, which covers most of the objectives cited.
27 Dec 2018
08:27:22@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം) changed their profile picture.
29 Dec 2018
18:50:43@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot) joined the room.
5 Jan 2019
04:57:23@bady:disroot.orgPirate Bady (Moved to poddery.com) changed their display name from Pirate Bady to Pirate Bady (Moved to poddery.com).
9 Jan 2019
16:42:25@kannan:poddery.comKannanSince Richard Mathew Stallman is giving speeches on 11th and 12th at KLF19, many free software enthusiasts are coming to KLF19. It would be great if we can meet and network at the venue on 11th and 12th, preferably a meet at 11th after noon/evening, it would be an unofficial free software meeting <3. https://www.loomio.org/d/ocQlAMXi/meetup-at-kerala-literature-fest-2019-venue-on-11th-january-
17 Jan 2019
17:25:24@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം)To move from Ubuntu to its corresponding Trisquel (full Libre) see the following link
17:29:58@sumanrajan435:matrix.orgrovonovo_zoroiGNUjee(തൻസീം): nice, goona try it tmrw :-)
5 Feb 2019
In reply to @revant:matrix.org

I'm building infrastructure for developing web apps as a microservice. It can currently connect to RabbitMQ, I can make it connect to MQTT if needed.

It has an oauth2.0 Authorization server to manage tokens and it makes it easy to keep adding apps.

The core infrastructure is AGPLv3

Hi can you build up a shopping cart app. I've found a good reference of db structure in broadleaf e-commerce
10:48:52@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം)Completely and discuss with @harigovindind:matrix.org also..
10:49:50@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം)Need to discuss, where and how to host the application also.
10:59:42@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം)Once the application is ready , we may ask for fund from ICFOSS.
14:44:29@revant:matrix.orgRevant Nandgaonkar

I am confident I can design and build comprehensive applications.

I'm trying out domain driven design,

Technically CQRS and event sourcing.

I can continuously deploy on kubernetes and also manage helm releases for the apps.

We can discuss here?

14:45:58@revant:matrix.orgRevant Nandgaonkar Example Event storming session
Part of ddd
6 Feb 2019
00:01:08@revant:matrix.orgRevant Nandgaonkar

I don't mind using pure SQL.
These are organisation management tools we're working on again AGPLv3. Currently working on core accounting aspects. It could reach scale of managing 1000 accounts per sec on normal spinning disc and laptop.


Check package accounting-server and how postgresql queries are used. We don't mind pure SQL.

00:08:38@revant:matrix.orgRevant Nandgaonkar

I'm trying to keep this pluggable to any software with easy API.

Shopping Cart can use this.

General Ledger spec https://stackoverflow.com/a/29713230

00:10:44@revant:matrix.orgRevant Nandgaonkar

GL using postgresql. User management and token caching is done with mongodb.

I'm not unnecessary polluting postgresql. So that it can be directly connected to some business intelligent tool later

00:12:49@revant:matrix.orgRevant Nandgaonkar staging-manager.castlecraft.in
u: admin@example.com
p: admin

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