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This space is intended to be a waiting room for new explorers so they may create a screen name and add the applicable acronyms, upload a profile photo (closeup of your face with eyes masked if you wish) and submit the ID verification form before receiving an invite to the Alterigo Lounge. 3 Servers

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12 Sep 2023
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13 Sep 2023
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14 Sep 2023
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15 Sep 2023
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16 Sep 2023
@veronika_dd:matrix.orgAngel Lofey joined the room.13:53:45
17 Sep 2023
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18 Sep 2023
@veronika_dd:matrix.orgAngel Lofey changed their display name from veronika_dd to Angel Lofey.15:18:21
19 Sep 2023
@misterg89:matrix.orgMarc C/W/BA/New joined the room.20:08:55
@misterg89:matrix.orgMarc C/W/BA/New set a profile picture.20:32:17
@zanjani1:matrix.orgReza - Admin | The Realm Gardenerhttps://linksy.ai/#verification20:35:31
@zanjani1:matrix.orgReza - Admin | The Realm GardenerTo complete the process please submit your ID verification form.20:36:04
@misterg89:matrix.orgMarc C/W/BA/New changed their display name from misterg89 to misterg89 C/W/BA/New.20:43:51
@misterg89:matrix.orgMarc C/W/BA/New changed their display name from misterg89 C/W/BA/New to Marc C/W/BA/New.20:44:27
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@mrsg91:matrix.orgStephanie C/M/BA/NEW joined the room.22:03:31
@mrsg91:matrix.orgStephanie C/M/BA/NEW changed their display name from Stephane Galvis to Stephanie C/M/BA/NEW.22:05:59
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20 Sep 2023
@jjohnson4:matrix.orgJJ (C/EXP/BA/New) changed their display name from JJ to JJ (C/EXP/BA/New).15:25:14
22 Sep 2023
@mrj33:matrix.orgMrJ33 |P|MW|BA|New joined the room.13:37:15
@mrj33:matrix.orgMrJ33 |P|MW|BA|New changed their display name from MrJ33 to MrJ33 |P|MW|BA|New.13:44:07
@mrj33:matrix.orgMrJ33 |P|MW|BA|New set a profile picture.13:44:11
@mrj33:matrix.orgMrJ33 |P|MW|BA|New changed their profile picture.13:44:12
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