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22 Oct 2020
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldyup, amd also reports emulation22:57:15
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldINTEL WORKS!23:04:57
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldso does WARP23:06:36
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgerald * so does WARP23:06:39
@m4b:matrix.orgm4bneat! can i try your fix?23:13:48
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldyup, just pushing it all up 23:13:56
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgerald https://github.com/cwfitzgerald/gfx/tree/dx11-command-list-emulation 23:14:16
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldyou should see "DX11 command list emulation is active" in the logs23:14:34
@m4b:matrix.orgm4bYOU FIXED IT 🎊23:19:12
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldthat was a helluva bug23:19:29
@m4b:matrix.orgm4bamazing work !!!23:19:37
In reply to @cwfitzgerald:matrix.org
that was a helluva bug
yea that was super evil! lol
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldtbf it's right in the documentation, but I figured it was about ancient hardware, not "anyone who isn't nvidia"23:21:27
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkI guess you haven't published dx11 yet, so we can squeeze it in?23:22:01
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldyeah, that was the plan23:22:08
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldthe workaround is bizzare too23:22:26
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldyou set the first and last constant buffer you're about to set to null, then do the call normally23:22:42
@m4b:matrix.orgm4bi wish there was an anonymous way to buy you a pizza23:22:56
@groves:matrix.orggrovesSounds like some kind of cache invalidation bug that ended up getting baked into d3d1123:27:31
@groves:matrix.orggrovesthat's pretty great23:27:50
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldYeah sure does, fixing it probably broke someone so it forever remains a workaround 23:32:28
23 Oct 2020
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgerald kvark: you should still run it if you get a chance, I have reports of a blank screen on GCN3 and crashes on GCN2, so we still have some AMD issues to sort out 00:05:08
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldre: the blank screen, no debug errors at all from when they ran it in visual studio00:05:32
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldI wonder if they don't have the layers installed tho00:05:44
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldThey do :(00:09:42
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkWait, are you talking about Vulkan?00:11:49
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldNo, dx1100:12:20
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldThey also call it the debug layer00:12:36

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