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20 Jan 2021
@kvark:matrix.orgkvark how about cargo run --release --features winit -- <path>? 04:08:34
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmktesting again07:13:09
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmk Hmm main thread is blocked 80% of the time by the worker thread, don’t know if is to be expected 07:40:21
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@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkred means waiting for worker thread07:43:39
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldThis is on vk? 07:45:30
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkdx12 (its not my program, its someone else's trace, just helping)07:45:54
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldWhat are you blocked inside? 07:46:12
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkI should be looking in thw worker thread I guess right?07:46:59
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkits a critical section in the worker, which ends up doing swapcontext07:48:14
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldThe interesting thing is who is causing the main thread to go to sleep07:49:24
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldIs it the app, the nv dll07:49:45
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldAnything that can tell us what it's waiting for logically07:50:00
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkI see a nvoglv64 dll, but superluminal reports it as fully blocked for the duration of the execution07:51:24
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkI dont know enough from the whole architecture of wgpu...07:52:46
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldCould I see the full call stack for a block? 07:53:19
Download image.png
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkfrom main07:55:16
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkis it what you ask for or am I off topic?07:56:50
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldYeah that works07:58:20
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldDealing with input events always made superluminal see some weird crap07:58:50
Download image.png
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkI dont see major perf issue with this trace 08:00:45
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkit eventually freezes, but thats probably the end of the trace or something like that08:01:08
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldYeah that's end of trace 08:01:49
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldShort of looking at it myself, idk08:02:09
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkoh well, I tried to help, will respond on the issue!08:02:30
@batmansmk:matrix.orgbatmansmkwould a superluminal session be helpful if you dont have windows?08:07:47
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldNo, as it's a windows only tool08:09:30
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldBut I do have it, it's just at my house, and I'm stuck quarantineing with my gf for the next day or so08:10:09

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