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19 Oct 2021
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeIt's just a pile of shaders. The problem for the webgl version was slicing speed ( limits on how quickly webgl will draw a scene, no way to synchronize and know when a frame is done ) and the tooling changing all the damn time. Never mind ui02:48:21
@ralith:ralith.comRalithooh, fun02:49:42
@ralith:ralith.comRalithusing the stencil buffer to compute slices?02:49:46
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeJust drawing black or white for inside/outside faces and if a mesh is self instersecting using another texture to store in/out intersection tests via additive blending. I discard things above a certain Z value to make a slice.02:58:04
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeThen you can run erosion to do shelling, with some other tricks to properly handle it along the z axis so you get good thickness.02:59:31
@ralith:ralith.comRalithdo you handle nonconvex shapes?03:03:08
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeI also have a Jason serial port server I've been working on for years because no real reason to finish it. Its a rust version of spjs and I had a working sync/threaded version and I've been slowly working on finishing the async hyper/tungstenite version. Just gotta finish splitting the websocket streams and wiring those up...03:03:40
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeER JSON serial port server.03:03:55
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeEr splitting the websocket tx/rx channels. I'd like to eventually do something like io-uring instead of my more brutal serial port code. But that area is still kinda in flux.03:05:12
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeDigital light projector or lcd screen. It doesn't produce g code or vectors so it can't be directly used for SLA systems like form printers.03:37:54
@jasperrlz:matrix.orgjasperrlzNot quite sure what I know what a "slicer" is in that context04:25:22
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeIt produces a cross section suitable for use in a lcd resin printer.04:48:28
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20 Oct 2021
@elias02:matrix.orgelias02 Does anyone know, why wgpu::ShaderStages a Struct is, and not a enum? Does it have to be possible to have 2 values simultaneously? C# allows that with enums too. Is that not possible in rust? 00:03:07
@jasperrlz:matrix.orgjasperrlzQuite sure Rust enums are exclusive00:04:54
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@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkShaderStages is a bit set00:19:23
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkwe have many of those, generated by bit flags crate00:19:50
@crusoe:matrix.orgcrusoeRust enums are not C#/C/Java enums. 01:21:13

I am once again asking for your knowledgeable support : ) if i do

[[ group(0), binding(0)]]
var t_diffuse: texture_2d<f32>;

What does the f32 do to the texture_2d? Does it make it a coordinate pair in the texture with the dimensions having the type f32 or is the texture_2d for something else entirely?

@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldIt means all the values you get out of the texture are f32s01:30:42
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldThe texture format has to match with that01:31:08
@elias02:matrix.orgelias02Ah, ok thanks01:59:36
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@theziggurat:matrix.orgthezigguratHi everyone, is this not a good place to bring up wgpu typescript implementation?05:19:26
@theziggurat:matrix.orgthezigguratim trying to port my code from rust and I'm having a few issues05:19:40

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