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22 Sep 2023
@_discord_420745433040551976:t2bot.ion2xdd Do you have a DMR ID? 21:15:20
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Yes all ready to go 21:16:07
@_discord_420745433040551976:t2bot.ion2xdd So should be good to go 21:16:34
@_discord_420745433040551976:t2bot.ion2xdd Try connecting to m17-m17 C 21:16:46
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Just says connecting all the time 21:17:36
@_discord_420745433040551976:t2bot.ion2xdd Is your Internet connection good? 21:18:20
Download Screenshot_2023-09-22-17-20-39-86_0f5cf24eb212fe9944cb1fceb416af40.jpg
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Ok 21:21:25
@_discord_420745433040551976:t2bot.ion2xdd Let me know if you can connect 21:21:49
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Working 21:24:29
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Thanks 21:24:38
@_discord_420745433040551976:t2bot.ion2xdd Ok I'll sconenct give me a call 21:24:45
@_discord_420745433040551976:t2bot.ion2xdd Thanks for the contact ! 21:27:20
23 Sep 2023
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED Good to see you got it up pedro_nz 00:54:51
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED 00:54:57
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Thanks Tony many channels I can't connect to... But some I can 00:55:45
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED See https://vkmultimodenetwork.weebly.com to see what modules on M17-432 are linked somewhere (and therefore likely to be active). 00:58:12
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED And the dashboard is at https://m17.vkradio.com 00:58:24
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED to see actual activity. 00:58:46
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED Also, try updating your hosts files (there's a checkbox in the config section of DroidStar). If you can't connect to M17-432, then your hosts file is ancient (like nearly a year old at least). 🙂 01:07:03
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@_discord_284282175107629056:t2bot.iokd2yfy set a profile picture.10:27:03
@_discord_284282175107629056:t2bot.iokd2yfy changed their display name from kd2yfy#0 to kd2yfy.10:27:04
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Thanks Tony 20:59:18
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED How did you go pedro_nz ? 21:00:37
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Yes it's as you said. I can connect no problems 21:01:56
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED Cool. 🙂 21:02:36
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.ioTony VK3JED You should find some traffic on 432. 🙂 21:02:45
@_discord_413201981784588289:t2bot.iopedro_nz Thanks again 21:05:34
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