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31 Jul 2021
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizenkek then I'm gonna make you help me do it right!22:50:48
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex And I'd be more than happy. 22:51:02
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizensounds like a good deal then 😀22:51:18
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex I'm not arguing for social brownie points... 95% of the time I'm arguing because I want you to do things right, or be proven wrong. 22:53:52
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy NetizenI wanna be wrong about this22:54:04
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizenit would be really useful22:54:23
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex So:
1) Set up a CMake and make sure you have tests.
2) import some blender data and manipulate it. #include.
3) make sure it works outside of blender using common sense.
4) create a thin Python layer that handles the API logic
5) import the native module into said Python layer.
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex You get native performance 22:57:01
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex No recompilation (of blender) 22:57:06
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex * No recompilation (of blender) 22:57:12
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex Use standard documentation and Python API features (the ones that make sense) 22:57:31
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizenand I don' need to move the .h files around either, right? Or would I need to move those around?22:57:39
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex No. 22:57:49
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizenneat22:58:00
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex Usually you need to append the blender's source directory to the INCLUDE_PATH 22:58:13
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizenthat's in the make file, eh?23:00:04
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex or globally. 23:07:42
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex And please use CMake. 23:08:12
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizen
In reply to @_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.io
And please use CMake.
isn't that how make files work?
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy NetizenI have no formal education in any of this23:08:51
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizen * I have no formal education in any of this23:08:52
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex Almost. 23:09:30
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex A GNU Makefile is a very old very simple standard used for ancient projects. 23:09:43
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizenah, OK. Thanks for clarifying23:10:14
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex On top of that you have a build system that generates the makefile depending on your system configuration. 23:10:22
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex So that building for a different OS is a few seconds rather than a few hours of extra coding. 23:10:23
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex CMake handles finding the libraries and configuring your system to build the right things. 23:10:44
@node-spaghetti:matrix.orgTrustworthy Netizenblender's cmake files even make other build system's files, like ninja for instance.23:11:30
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioGNU/Alex Cmake is very useful. 23:11:58
1 Aug 2021
In reply to @node-spaghetti:matrix.org
For a technical artist, the goal isn't to produce good software but to produce good art
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