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21 Nov 2019
23:33:34@travis:t2l.ioTravisRHello @room, it's time to upgrade to our latest and greatest room version. This should mean an end to state resets and other unintuitive behaviour associated with large public rooms.. If you have questions, please join us in the new #matrix:matrix.org
23:33:54@abuse:matrix.orgAbuse Managementchanged room power levels.
23:44:30@Pseudonosaur:matrix.org@Pseudonosaur:matrix.org left the room.
22 Nov 2019
00:52:21@bhat:encom.eu.org@bhat:encom.eu.org left the room.
06:53:24@Felix:secureim.de@Felix:secureim.de left the room.
16:12:52@uhoreg:matrix.org[uhoreg] changed their display name from uhoreg to [uhoreg].
23 Nov 2019
20:07:39@kiliankoe:matrix.orgKilian changed their profile picture.
24 Nov 2019
19:13:27@poljar:matrix.org@poljar:matrix.org left the room.
25 Nov 2019
19:37:00@kevin:potatofrom.space@kevin:potatofrom.space left the room.
29 Nov 2019
00:16:58@akash:feneas.orgAkash left the room.
00:35:12@akashgupta:matrix.orgHellbender left the room.
30 Nov 2019
22:30:52@gregknicholson:disroot.orgGrey Nicholson changed their display name from Grey Nicholson to G K Nicholson.
1 Dec 2019
12:09:10@otto:osshs.ddns.netotto left the room.
01:13:34@gregknicholson:disroot.orgGrey Nicholson changed their display name from G K Nicholson to Grey Nicholson.
19:19:04@wtp2018:matrix.org@wtp2018:matrix.org left the room.
2 Dec 2019
07:45:42@mijutu:ellipsis.fimijutu left the room.
3 Dec 2019
12:21:58@mscbot_resolver2:amorgan.xyzMSC Resolver changed their display name from mscbot_resolver2 to MSC Resolver.
12:22:36@mscbot_resolver2:amorgan.xyzMSC Resolver set a profile picture.
4 Dec 2019
09:34:27@ptman:feneas.orgPaul left the room.
10:44:00@oleg:fiksel.infoOleg left the room.
5 Dec 2019
02:25:11@annie:elequin.ioAnnie~ changed their display name from Annie to Annie~.
16:14:01@vadim:vrutkovs.euVadim Rutkovsky left the room.
6 Dec 2019
21:42:20@l4p1n:l4p1n.chl4p1n changed their profile picture.
8 Dec 2019
16:22:30@..zik_.:matrix.orgzik left the room.
11 Dec 2019
06:29:41@ploth:matrix.orgPascal Loth left the room.
12:49:22@kiliankoe:matrix.orgKilian changed their display name from kilian to Kilian.
14:30:23@valere35:matrix.orgvalere changed their display name from valere (BillCarsonFr) to valere.
14:54:05@valere35:matrix.orgvalere changed their profile picture.
12 Dec 2019
18:53:06@philip:trailingwhite.spacePhilip White left the room.

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