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10 Dec 2018
13:30:29@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotWith the exception of not using a VPN, and I'm not sure how using mediagoblin/static files is going to protect you anymore?
13:31:15* @realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygaps got a highlight for libreho.st :)
13:31:19@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionI'm talking about a bad people joining the swarm specifically to track who watches what
13:31:28@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsf0x yeah website def needs some mobile love
13:31:42@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsi was gonna try but my css skills are horrid
13:31:43@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotOkay, but I'm not 100% sure how they find out who you are?
13:31:47@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionwith mediagoblin only the server host gets that information
In reply to @Half-Shot:half-shot.uk
Okay, but I'm not 100% sure how they find out who you are?
They get IP<->content
13:32:38@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotRight, I guess if you are running VPNless that is true.
13:32:57@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionI dont think its fair to assume anyone actively uses a vpn
13:33:43@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot Well, not everyone but I would assume anyone who seriously cares about privacy first will be using one, or failing that will be blocking webrtc
In reply to @Half-Shot:half-shot.uk
Well, not everyone but I would assume anyone who seriously cares about privacy first will be using one, or failing that will be blocking webrtc
13:34:25@twimkarma:maunium.netTWIM Karma
In reply to@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyz++

Sorry, you're not allowed to vote.

13:35:05@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageAh right this is TWIM
13:35:09@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageWe should move this
13:35:22@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotFor what it's worth, it might be fair to spin up a matrix.org instance in the future that disables webt by default. I don't believe we should condem pt because of a function.
13:35:43@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotThis room creates such interesting conversations :)
13:36:18@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionit's basically matrixHQ lite
13:36:58@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotIt tends to catch folks who have more than a passing interest (in a good way), which is nice :).
In reply to @dandellion:dodsorf.as
there's something ironic about being against google stealing your info and then giving that info to literally everyone on earth in retaliation
This statement is problematic because "your info" and "this info" don't actually refer to the same thing. It's very different to tell Google your IP address and every video you watch (on top of what you search for, who you talk to, etc. etc.) and to share your IP address and a single video you are watching with random users (among which may or may not be someone interested in that info)
16:36:49@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swednecki don't think webtorrent is the problem, webrtc is
16:37:01@axx:jaccu.seaxx It's something worthy of concern, and I find the peertube quite good for being so upfront about it, but it's really not that comparable.
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11 Dec 2018
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