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24 May 2024
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@_discord_136497776463839232:t2bot.iostephan269 Ideas for the mobile version of logseq
• make it actually full-screen.
I am so desperatly looking for an immersive writing experience.
Having it fullscreen (no visible naviation bar, no time on the top) would be a dream
• Have widgets/shortcuts to searches, favorites or pages to quickly open them on mobile, without having to navigate in the app
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@_discord_705382494819844168:t2bot.ioRamses The mobile app needs a major overhaul, but AFAIK it's not being worked on at the moment (apart from bug fixes). But I'm tagging futurized so he can keep it in his idea book.

Not sure if a fullscreen app on mobile is possible though? On iOS I ALWAYS see the time and other icons in the top, regardless of the app.
@_discord_136497776463839232:t2bot.iostephan269 It is possible - at least I saw a few apps doing it - but I am no developer at all
I can look them up if it helps

But for example games or videoplayback is full screen
Or like it is described here

Having an dedicated smartphone without any disturbance might save me from the trouble of having to build an raspberry pi writers deck 😅

Forcing as a user apps into full screen is not possible anymore since Android 11 or so I think...
@_discord_705382494819844168:t2bot.ioRamses Thank you for giving extra context! That’ll be useful for the devs for sure. I think I’d be nice indeed to have as an option you can toggle in settings to remove all distractions in the mobile app 12:54:10
Download image.png
Download image.png
@_discord_104725877962588160:t2bot.iosoleone I would love to see query results get some more love. The results themselves currently only need like 40% of the space. I would like to hide the query details, and hide the parent block/pages, really just see the raw blocks that match themselves.

I am aware I could click the query settings gear icon there to switch to a table format, but then it doesn't show the full block if it's long (and mine usually are, and I generally don't have Logseq running in full width), it just cuts off at the end and doesn't wrap into a new line.

It seems that queries are supposed to be quite the essential tool of Logseq and these kinds of graph and block based editors so it makes sense to me to not have to rely on custom plugins, or worse, css-hacks.
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25 May 2024
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26 May 2024
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27 May 2024
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