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25 Nov 2022
@_discord_535608744768438293:t2bot.iofuturized As always, appreciate your detailed mockups, Alex! Definitely one big pro of this approach is that it leverages the existing outliner/indentation paradigm. My only initial worry was that the nestedness could add more mental complexity for new users – but then again the beauty of this is that they do not need to nest. Maybe on the right side there could be something like a dynamic explanation panel that explains what the currently edited line of filters is doing? 10:15:28
@_discord_411226842457178122:t2bot.ioAlexL Thank you!
Yeah the dynamic explanation is something I considered too...

Anyway this mockup is static but imagine that while the user select options from mockup menus he would be guided with additional UI elements:

* second, third etc dropdown menus
* when selecting "NOT" the next dropdown menu is again one to select a filter
* when selecting "OR" two new indented lines appear automatically and the user can add additional ones
* same when selecting "See below": a new indented line appears

And with this approach we can use the keyboard navigation we for blocks but being sure the query makes sense, for example:

* when outdenting one of the two lines required by "OR", that line is actually outdented but an empty one appears below "OR" (by empty I mean containing a "filter" dropdown menu)
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@_discord_814286362923499571:t2bot.ionoted#8573 Not possible. See first line: A frequent workflow is to click on the scheduled date of an already scheduled task or block, and set it today. There are many other cases where picking today’s date is a frequent operation. 22:27:36
26 Nov 2022
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@_discord_1045749088731271271:t2bot.ioAlbert26rRedacted or Malformed Event00:14:23
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27 Nov 2022
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@_discord_244899198246453250:t2bot.iophoenix#5939 The date picker also doesn't highlight today as different from other days which makes me second guess myself when picking a relative date from it 02:29:27
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@_discord_881145896656580709:t2bot.iodanzu It would be nice if Quick Capture supports the creation of Tasks 20:05:22
@_discord_881145896656580709:t2bot.iodanzu * Quick Capture Enhancement:
1. It would be nice if Quick Capture supports the creation of Tasks
2. Ability to change the quick capture time to a date and time. This enables a user to send all quick captures to one page, and provide the capture date and time. The quick capture page can be embedded in the journal for triaging, organization and polishing of the quick note.
28 Nov 2022
@_discord_881145896656580709:t2bot.iodanzu Quick Capture Enhancement 00:18:52
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@_discord_503691865103663104:t2bot.ioNuvem Hello Logseq team, passing by to say I love the app. I finally found a tool that gives me more pleasure in taking notes than headaches. You rock people. Thank YOU! 01:53:07
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