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11 May 2021
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) f 12:14:39
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)!discord14:38:17
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@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB)Redacted or Malformed Event22:28:48
13 May 2021
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) I think I found a solution to my network problems. 02:03:50
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)They blocked my matrix client on the web, but they don't know matrix is an open protocol. There are tons of web based clients, and this one even works on an unblocked site.13:47:14
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)screenshot 2021-05-13 8.47.19 am.png
Download screenshot 2021-05-13 8.47.19 am.png
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Get reked school.13:48:16
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Also, don't get mad at me for not using dark mode... I discovered it after the screenshot15:19:59
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Redacted or Malformed Event15:20:17
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)I just realized that Sennhiser only sold off their consumer division. They still make these: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/professional-headphones-headsets?order_by=min_price-asc16:19:54
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Thats good, I can still get hd 200 pros... not that they stopped selling consumer things, it appears they are going to just have the other company design and manufacture them, and they might put them on their website?16:20:59
@_discord_415773861486002186:t2bot.ioDSC#7931 changed their profile picture.20:27:31
15 May 2021
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/397514505032171521/842737653811511356/image0.webp 00:30:34
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB)Redacted or Malformed Event01:03:05
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB)Redacted or Malformed Event01:03:12
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Because my pc is slow to launch things, I launched kdenlive 20 timeson accidentand crashed my pc.YAY!03:15:36
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Because the power cut, this morning when I was booting up my system, it was trying to recover all my files, and I cut the power because I thought it was having a boot issue...18:37:44
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)and guess what, I killed it, andhave to doa full reinstall18:38:07
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)f in chat18:38:11
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)And because Im really confused about this: https://forum.artixlinux.org/index.php/topic,2444.0.html Im just gonna do a full reinstall18:45:49
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)indtalling now...19:18:11
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)installing*19:18:39
17 May 2021
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Well, corrupted again...03:35:13
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)Ima need a usb ssd.03:35:27
@arcushing:matrix.orgRageGamer (matrix.org)gn03:35:31

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