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23 Sep 2019
In reply to@_slack_wagtailcms_U4N6SF7K5:matrix.org
Matthew Here's an example of our username validator, if it helps...
16:49:37@_slack_wagtailcms_UB1CW1P53:matrix.orgKalobTaulien changed their profile picture.
In reply to@_slack_wagtailcms_U4N6SF7K5:matrix.org
Awesome thanks for helping out with this flipperpa!!
17:49:52@_slack_wagtailcms_UJHDYNXJP:matrix.orgEric Sherman changed their profile picture.
17:49:53@_slack_wagtailcms_UJHDYNXJP:matrix.orgEric Sherman does wagtail admin use/have a common convention for grids? trying to make a custom header component and its getting dicey
19:53:26@_slack_wagtailcms_U9PH7G2RE:matrix.orgtutuca changed their profile picture.
19:53:26@_slack_wagtailcms_U9PH7G2RE:matrix.orgtutuca Hello channel: I’m trying to have custom groups and permissions for some of my site Pages. The idea is to have certain users as editors or moderators of content that is added as child of the aforementioned Page. So far I successfully added groups and permissions (and GroupPagePermissions) with a post_save signal but I see there’s no clear “relation” between my pages and the groups I’ve created so I can’t really keep track them in any way. Has anyone worked on something like this to give me any pointer?
19:53:37@_slack_wagtailcms_U9PH7G2RE:matrix.orgtutuca (edited) ... like this? => ... like this to give me any pointer?
21:04:23@_slack_wagtailcms_UMT7V592M:matrix.orgloren joined the room.
21:04:23@_slack_wagtailcms_UMT7V592M:matrix.orgloren does anyone have suggestions for a good event calendar plugin?
21:05:12@_slack_wagtailcms_UMT7V592M:matrix.orgloren something that gives users the ability to create events, and has a dedicated informational/details page for each event
21:05:23@_slack_wagtailcms_UMT7V592M:matrix.orgloren (edited) ... and have a ... => ... and has a ...
24 Sep 2019
03:01:14@_slack_wagtailcms_UNJ04CHK6:matrix.orgStephen Peters changed their display name from 7speter to Stephen Peters.
03:01:14@_slack_wagtailcms_UNJ04CHK6:matrix.orgStephen Peters changed their profile picture.
03:01:14@_slack_wagtailcms_UNJ04CHK6:matrix.orgStephen Peters Is there a good walkthrough anywhere on how to add the actual css and js files of bootstrap or zurb or materializecss to a wagtail/django project? All I ever see are people making example projects and using the cdn links
03:48:24@_slack_wagtailcms_UNJ04CHK6:matrix.orgStephen Peters
In reply to@_slack_wagtailcms_UNJ04CHK6:matrix.org
Is there a good walkthrough anywhere on how to add the actual css and js files of bootstrap or zurb or materializecss to a wagtail/django project? All I ever see are people making example projects and using the cdn links
Ah I think I got it
03:51:41@_slack_wagtailcms_UNJ04CHK6:matrix.orgStephen Peters
In reply to@_slack_wagtailcms_UNJ04CHK6:matrix.org
Ah I think I got it
base.html provides the html head and body structures...
09:29:40@_slack_wagtailcms_ULUFX4G0M:matrix.orgpySilver changed their profile picture.
09:29:42@_slack_wagtailcms_ULUFX4G0M:matrix.orgpySilver Feels kinda weird to get 500 error due to invalid html inside richtext field:
AssertionError at /cms/pages/502/edit/
li element found outside of an enclosing list element
wagtail/admin/rich_text/converters/html_to_contentstate.py in create_block, line 121
Shouldn’t it be less error prone?
4 Oct 2019
10:00:57@legendplays93:matrix.orglegendplays93 joined the room.
10:01:01@legendplays93:matrix.orglegendplays93Hi everybody
10:01:02@legendplays93:matrix.orglegendplays93I know it's weird, but i have a Youtube Channel: LegendPlays93. It's a No Commentary Game Channel I'd really appreciate it if you guys could subscribe to my channel. My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn3vDtc7tBXNK7e7Xj3CQQg
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12 Nov 2019
02:16:00@tsyn:matrix.orgtsyn joined the room.
02:33:38@tsyn:matrix.orgtsyn Hey everyone! I'm new to wagtail and Django. When creating templates, is it best practice to create a new app or just edit the home models.py? I've seen tutorials that do it both ways. It's for a small corporate site that will multilingual
25 Nov 2019

Is it possible to create reusable blocks that aren't used in a streamfield? I have a number of pages with similar sections and I'd like to be able to reuse the code if possible.

Or is it possible to limit a streamfield to only one instance of a block?

18:59:04@tsyn:matrix.orgtsyn Maybe I'm being too prescriptive
27 Nov 2019
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