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in my way of trading the market maker and the composite man are wife and husband. wifes a cunt but does her work and displays the pussy for the crowd to desire. the composite operator manipulates the crowd to want the pussy more and more. then just when members of the crowd get close to feeling like they can fuck the pussy. the husband cuts their throats3 Servers

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21 Jun 2021
@dataejaculation:matrix.orgHarshMell0w ([PulseChain-EthFork-dca-to-5kX],[trader, profit over perfection])image.png
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@dataejaculation:matrix.orgHarshMell0w ([PulseChain-EthFork-dca-to-5kX],[trader, profit over perfection])no one paying attention to last time longs were this high10:34:56
@dataejaculation:matrix.orgHarshMell0w ([PulseChain-EthFork-dca-to-5kX],[trader, profit over perfection])right before the covid crash10:35:03
@natedizzle:matrix.orgnateMarsh tell em about the streets10:38:41
@saquant:matrix.orgsquantoheticccc bro11:10:02
@_discord_836879387206615040_48=20=4caws=20=4ff=20=50ower=20=42ot=20•=20=54weet=53hift:t2bot.io_discord_836879387206615040_48=20=4caws=20=4ff=20=50ower=20=42ot=20•=20=54weet=53hift https://twitter.com/48_quotes/status/1406945503649144833 12:02:36
@hodl4life:matrix.orgSir hodldeeznutsbear life13:16:10
@suhrm:matrix.orgsuhrmShort the ponzi's to 013:16:33
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionAny news?13:38:57
@savedbythedel:matrix.orgSavedByTheDel - DCA Short HEX to $1 - N҉A҉T҉E҉S҉ ҉N҉(҉E҉T҉H҉)҉P҉H҉E҉W҉ 🇬🇧IM net long on life13:45:12
@_discord_720738328714018816:t2bot.ioWikiBot Hi net long on life, I'm dad 13:45:14
@savedbythedel:matrix.orgSavedByTheDel - DCA Short HEX to $1 - N҉A҉T҉E҉S҉ ҉N҉(҉E҉T҉H҉)҉P҉H҉E҉W҉ 🇬🇧APES longing the lorn13:45:36
@savedbythedel:matrix.orgSavedByTheDel - DCA Short HEX to $1 - N҉A҉T҉E҉S҉ ҉N҉(҉E҉T҉H҉)҉P҉H҉E҉W҉ 🇬🇧corn13:45:38
@rytis426:matrix.orgrytis426its fucking so hot out here just sweating my balls while sitting14:36:43
@rytis426:matrix.orgrytis426 * its fucking so hot out here just sweating my balls while sitting14:36:50
@_neb_rssbot_=40dataejaculation=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@dataejaculation:matrix.org] Kaiko - Medium:
Stablecoin Premium Emerges as Market Sell-off Continues
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionLol I was checking…the news is that China banned BTC again….this year is already the third time they ban btc, and since beginning is the 100000x wtf lol14:48:56
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionHow this still makes BTC to the dump 🤣🤣🤣14:50:11
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionChina banning btc is bulish for me14:51:34
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionWorst thing is to have the biggest mining power in a country with dictatorship government14:52:06
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionOne of the big problems for big money investors is China having the mining power…14:53:09
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionPpl should be bulish14:53:50
@daxion:matrix.orgdaxionMost of China miners are always dumping for cash14:54:11
@solowhalegod:matrix.orgSoloWhaleGod (Avg % Daily Growth BTC 0.247%)dax you know china owned like 65% of the hashrate right?15:22:04
@solowhalegod:matrix.orgSoloWhaleGod (Avg % Daily Growth BTC 0.247%)more then 90% of it has been rekt15:23:06
@solowhalegod:matrix.orgSoloWhaleGod (Avg % Daily Growth BTC 0.247%)whats 90% of 65%15:23:17


from Wolfram

@solowhalegod:matrix.orgSoloWhaleGod (Avg % Daily Growth BTC 0.247%)58.5% of bitcoin hashrate getting crippled is not bullish to me 😬15:23:56
@_discord_836879387206615040_48=20=4caws=20=4ff=20=50ower=20=42ot=20•=20=54weet=53hift:t2bot.io_discord_836879387206615040_48=20=4caws=20=4ff=20=50ower=20=42ot=20•=20=54weet=53hift https://twitter.com/48_quotes/status/1407006035869589509 16:03:43
In reply to @solowhalegod:matrix.org
58.5% of bitcoin hashrate getting crippled is not bullish to me 😬
agreed, hash rates that much lower may result in a slower network... that being said, it won't be for long. all that hashrate will pop up in another country

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