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3 Apr 2020
15:03:57@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari

Matrix rooms aren't bound to any server... but you do need an homeserver to be "paired" with your bridge for matrix side presence

15:04:25@wucke13:matrix.orgwucke13Ok, I understand. Thanks 🙂
17:22:16@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] DemonDima starred the repo
19:18:47@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir pushed 3 new commits (and 3 existing commits) to e2be:
19:54:07@frankenvell:nltrix.netПАВЕЛ joined the room.
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20:00:06@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] ralsei starred the repo
20:22:44@telegram_246728834:maunium.netdungasfre changed their display name from bretgigs to Gilltizen.
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20:22:46@telegram_469956530:maunium.net🅳🆄🅰️🅽🅶 |̲̅ S̲̅S̲̅V̲̅I̲̅P̲̅| left the room.
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4 Apr 2020
08:53:01@dittofan:matrix.orgdittofan joined the room.
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17:39:27@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir pushed 1 new commit (and 15 existing commits) to master:
  • dc5fe62e Merge branch 'e2be' into master
17:39:27@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir closed pull request #445: Add SOCKS proxy support in Dockerfile
18:39:11@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir deleted branch e2be
18:39:29@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir pushed 2 commits to master:
  • cecda22e Adjust editorconfig for .gitlab-ci.yml
  • b53b27cf Use separately built image for lottieconverter to …
18:49:02@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir pushed 1 commit to master:
  • 26eb2d4e Remove extra COPY statements in dockerfile
19:00:44@telegram_246728834:maunium.netdungasfre changed their display name from Gilltizen to dungasfre.
19:02:14@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir pushed 1 commit to master:
  • a53b0e98 Fix potential KeyError in power level syncing
19:04:13@tulir:maunium.nettulirhmm I should make v0.7.2 not be a release candidate anymore
19:06:00@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir pushed 1 commit to v0.7.2 (new tag):
19:06:11@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir published v0.7.2: v0.7.2
19:07:17@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir deleted branch release-0.7.2
19:07:25@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir deleted branch arm-ci
19:07:46@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-telegram] tulir deleted branch release-0.6.1

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