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25 Jun 2022
@tako:matrix.doodleschrank.detakodo i need to manually create a telegram user on the matrix server?21:38:57
@malte:maltee.deMalte ENo21:39:13
@malte:maltee.deMalte EYou shouldn't have to create any users for the bridge to work21:39:51
@malte:maltee.deMalte E* That's the question. I don't think there are any users that the bridge would be trying to talk to or log in as, other than the bridge bot and the puppets. There shouldn't be any puppets if the bridge hasn't even run yet21:40:49
@tako:matrix.doodleschrank.detakosolved it by using the systemd service...23:02:06
26 Jun 2022
@fabiankaindl:matrix.fabiankaindl.deFabian Kaindl
In reply to @malte:maltee.de
Fabian Kaindl: well, there are a few communication servers that are free of charge, there must be some reason to do it
Yeah maybe people like Freifunk or CCC but I dont need a Police Raid at home cause one of a million user did fuck up
@fabiankaindl:matrix.fabiankaindl.deFabian Kaindl🤣00:21:57
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@cos:hacklab.ficosIs it advised to run released or development version of the bridge currently on production server? 07:39:25
@tulir:maunium.nettulirmaster branch usually works fine07:41:07
@tulir:maunium.nettulirreleases also work fine, but they're always outdated07:41:20
@cos:hacklab.ficosok, continuing with master then. I suppose telegram itself is a moving target so releases will be always outdated.07:55:35
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@telegram_954226387:maunium.net=sh trans -b :en 你好,我反馈一个bug,就是一个已经发送的信息在其他telegram客户端修改,mautrix_telegram桥不会同步,只有我是这样吗?09:56:01
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net * root@archlinux ~
> # trans -b :en 你好,我反馈一个bug,就是一个已经发送的信息在其他telegram客户端修改,mautrix_telegram桥不会同步,只有我是这样吗?
Hello, I reported a bug, that is, a message that has been sent is modified in other telegram clients, the mautrix_telegram bridge will not be synchronized, am I the only one?
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net set a profile picture.09:56:06
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net=sh trans -b :en 又试了试,群组里可以同步,pm不会同步10:26:57
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net * root@archlinux ~
> $ trans -b :en 又试了试,群组里可以同步,pm不会同步
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net * root@archlinux ~
> # trans -b :en 又试了试,群组里可以同步,pm不会同步
Tried it again, the group can be synchronized, but pm will not be synchronized
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@telegram_951435494:maunium.netTheta // aka Roj /roːʒ/ changed their display name from Theta to Theta // aka Roj /roːʒ/.17:18:34
@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari : needs double-puppeting 17:58:12
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net=sh trans -b :en 我去找找文档,谢谢。18:01:33
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net * root@archlinux ~
> $ trans -b :en 我去找找文档,谢谢。
@telegram_954226387:maunium.net * root@archlinux ~
> # trans -b :en 我去找找文档,谢谢。
I'll look for the documentation, thanks.
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