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13 Dec 2019
08:01:05@tim:schumacher.imTim dima: Something like this: https://github.com/tulir/mautrix-telegram/issues/307
In reply to @dima:moleandcode.com
What's the format of bridged Telegram stickers? Weechat ignores those entirely and I want to make it show at least a link to a picture.
png in m.sticker event
08:01:32@tulir:maunium.nettulirweechat-matrix probably doesn't handle m.sticker
12:46:10@surak:gnomos.orgMarco Alvarez changed their profile picture.
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20:06:58@dimma:staralfur.isdimmahaha, I have deactivated my user through synapse and I got removed from all of my telegram rooms
20:09:26@tulir:maunium.nettuliryes, the bridge bridges leaving rooms
21:28:51@dimma:staralfur.isdimmaprobably would have been better to stop the bridge first, then deactivate. But oh well, I had a lot of useless groups anyway.
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14 Dec 2019
02:30:22@sultan_skam:matrix.orgsultan_skam joined the room.
02:30:58@sultan_skam:matrix.orgsultan_skamhello guys how to connect telegram chat to your chat here?
06:26:36@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari sultan_skam: either running own bridge, or finding public one, t2bot io runs one or something alike
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15 Dec 2019
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10:35:02@telegram_297891284:maunium.net--- --- joined the room.
10:35:39@telegram_297891284:maunium.net--- ---Hello
10:36:13@olmari:hacklab.fiSami OlmariHei
10:37:49@telegram_297891284:maunium.net--- ---I have a question
10:39:27@telegram_297891284:maunium.net--- ---Can I write to my friends on the telegram using the matrix bridge?
11:15:47@telegram_297891284:maunium.net--- ---I can write my client for matrix
18:24:45@dylanvanassche:dylanvanassche.beDylan Van Assche changed their profile picture.
18:25:58@dylanvanassche:dylanvanassche.beDylan Van Assche Is there a way to detect with curl if the bridge is fuctional? I'm building a status page for my Matrix server and it would be nice to show the status of the bridges too...
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20:35:29@telegram_504501114:maunium.netCee Jay changed their profile picture.
16 Dec 2019
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