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15 Dec 2020
@saloframes:matrix.orgFrames (Old) changed their display name from Saloframes to Frames.08:30:10
@saloframes:matrix.orgFrames (Old) changed their profile picture.08:37:53
@saloframes:matrix.orgFrames (Old) changed their display name from Frames to Frames (Old).09:33:02
@saloframes:matrix.orgFrames (Old) invited @delysid:matrix.orgDelysid.09:34:34
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@delysid:matrix.orgDelysid changed their display name from Frames to Delysid.12:38:50
17 Dec 2020
@delysid:matrix.orgDelysid invited @delysid:midov.pldelysid.15:59:27
@delysid:midov.pldelysid joined the room.17:12:47
18 Dec 2020
@karenwritter:matrix.orgkarenwritter joined the room.21:58:29
26 Dec 2020
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27 Dec 2020
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28 Dec 2020
@carola:halogen.citycarola 11:29:16
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3 Jan 2021
@yalda:matrix.orgstellarmagnet changed their display name from yalda to stellarmagnet.13:01:27
@yalda:matrix.orgstellarmagnet changed their profile picture.16:49:40
10 Jan 2021
@p3ppi:matrix.orgp3ppi joined the room.10:37:30
5 Feb 2021
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7 Feb 2021
@marian_m:matrix.orgmarian_m | afersu.com joined the room.15:45:02
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16 Feb 2021
@vanessa:nltrix.net@vanessa:nltrix.net 07:51:22
@vanessa:nltrix.net@vanessa:nltrix.net removed their display name vanessa.07:53:29
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19 Feb 2021
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21 Feb 2021
@juansucks:matrix.orgjuansucks joined the room.22:00:14
23 Feb 2021
@markoprljic:matrix.orgmarkop changed their display name from markoprljic to markop.03:57:50

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