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10 Jan 2024
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO 🮲🮳 09:48:01
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi love it when it's rectangles 09:50:57
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO hm I actually have no idea how you go about getting unicode symbol packs on windows 09:54:14
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi anyway,wyd 09:56:26
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO hmm [have fun lol](https://unicode.org/charts/) 09:56:32
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi i have no idea what i'm looking at 09:57:41
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO https://tenor.com/view/the-same-thing-we-do-every-night-take-over-the-world-mad-pissed-angry-gif-4596927 09:58:51
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi ah yes 09:59:52
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi well have fun doing that,gotta work on another NoC 10:00:40
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO character packs for when you use u+123 or whatever, I think if you were to download the "Miscellaneous" packs, then load them by putting them in the right folder or something, you could see what 🮲🮳 is 10:01:06
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO NoC? 10:01:21
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi night of climbers 10:01:30
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO ah nice 10:02:08
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi got some concepts on mind gonna try to implement it 10:03:19
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO nice, well have fun 10:05:17
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN Turns out Conan did die by being hit by a car. Rip 17:55:49
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. would you really call your mum a bastard 💀 18:02:18
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN Mom is cringe tho 18:06:55
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN She just called Conan Monchita's bf even if the reason to this is that they looked similar 18:07:37
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN And she also likes hotel transylvania which is bad 18:07:51
@_discord_761648127584370709:t2bot.ioevenly.odd Maybe she can understand dog language and also has telepathic ability to know the state of conan 19:15:06
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat Conan the mighty pig 19:41:24
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN actually didnt know that mom already shipped her with another dog 20:00:59
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN that shortly after went missing 20:01:07
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN so my mom is now gonna ship them with dogs from shitty owners so they die 20:01:26
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN because outside there are negligent owners with dogs that are more like shit producers than anything else 20:04:52
11 Jan 2024
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN Complete boomer 07:01:34
@_discord_219043833894273024:t2bot.io_blicky_ https://tenor.com/bCFcp.gif 07:32:55
13 Jan 2024
@_discord_1093806371075530784:t2bot.ionotsemanfr changed their profile picture.00:32:42
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat I think I had too much preworkout 16:38:16

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