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Welcome to Zen Kernel, https://github.com/zen-kernel/zen-kernel. Releases are maintained by heftig (zen) for linux-zen (https://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/linux-zen/), and damentz (lqx) for Liquorix (https://liquorix.net).6 Servers

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29 Apr 2021
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30 Apr 2021
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1 May 2021
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentz heftig: FYI, I'm keeping https://github.com/zen-kernel/zen-kernel/issues/207 open until you release an update for 5.12 with multigen LRU enabled 22:11:59

a make oldconfig will reveal them, but otherwise the defaults I'll end up picking are:

@heftig:archlinux.orgheftigprobably .122:12:22
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzok, sounds good22:12:28
@_oftc_post-factum:matrix.orgpost-factumdo you have a success story with this patchset?22:13:49
2 May 2021
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3 May 2021
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4 May 2021
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@damentz:matrix.orgdamentz heftig: pushed updated futex2 code to 5.12/futex2 and merged it to master 18:44:55
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentza guy in the #ck channel informed we were using something what wasn't working with proton18:45:06
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzhopefully that fixes it18:45:09
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzspecifically I pushed this: https://gitlab.collabora.com/tonyk/linux/-/commits/futex2-proton18:45:28
@heftig:archlinux.orgheftig damentz: I skipped all the test code 18:45:54
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzoh ya, let me revert the perf test, it failed me last time18:59:22
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzaren't the selftests hidden behind configs though?19:00:11
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzwe don't need to revert those if they're optional19:00:18
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzthe perf one though, it breaks my kernel builds that build in perf to the headers19:00:26
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzactually no, I'll revert it later once I start building for 5.1219:01:03
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzdon't want to preemptively remove code that's been fixed19:01:11
@damentz:matrix.orgdamentzbut a simple "make" in the tools/perf folder will reveal if it's broken still19:01:31
5 May 2021
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12 May 2021
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