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22 Sep 2023
@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.io_gumbercules There are a lot of people out there that write code and a lot of them idealistically anyway believe they want to work on games 16:26:48
@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.io_gumbercules It also depends on the studio - I imagine an online casino shop would be easier to get a game at than a more well-known studio 16:27:44
@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.io_gumbercules maybe not - probably depends on how big and successful the casino shop is and what the job you're applying for is 16:28:00
@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.io_gumbercules most recently I worked for Campfire Games, Wargaming and Frogmind - all three were studios of varying sizes in terms of the team behidn them a well as how much money and resources they had 16:29:04
@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.io_gumbercules all three were great experiences - I'm glad to be just doing games as a hobby again though, the games industry can be quite grueling 16:29:33
@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.io_gumbercules and of course the pay is not great generally 16:29:58
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23 Sep 2023
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@_discord_180601887916163073:t2bot.ioPhil I would disagree, it's important for high performance/high load webdev programming where you need to be able to deal with a ton of request in parallel, but not in general.
Whether you do e.g. a self-contained-system approach and need to sync data through the landscape the entire time, how much that is and how many write ops that triggers or whether you buffer those will be far more relevant ime
@_discord_180601887916163073:t2bot.ioPhil For every other area of programming I'd agree with you though 02:21:13
@_discord_180601887916163073:t2bot.ioPhil Webdev is a bit of a special place because every HTTP request will eat a 50ms latency delay anyway, whether you add 1-5ms because of inefficient programming isn't going to matter a ton 02:21:44
@_discord_1004399071848583228:t2bot.iomillymox#0 What you’ve made is amazing I’ve kinda been lurking a bit but I saw the other videos you’ve posted and I most say, bravo 03:18:07
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@_discord_204328759715692544:t2bot.io_gumbercules Thank you for the kind words! 18:22:23
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24 Sep 2023
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