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31 Jul 2021
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyso i think i just need karax for now10:13:09
@_discord_259277943275126785:t2bot.ioRika Prologue is a web server 10:27:52
@_discord_259277943275126785:t2bot.ioRika I don’t understand 10:27:57
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@_discord_527930042555170833:t2bot.iowillyboar#8653 You can check my doc gen https://github.com/Willyboar/hotdoc . There are also some other options for static generators but iirc they don't compile to js 15:53:55
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1 Aug 2021
@_discord_759754172249276448:t2bot.ioyusepgl joined the room.07:04:50
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyil have a look at that17:01:43
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyi wish karax had docs17:01:46
@_discord_527930042555170833:t2bot.iowillyboar#8653 Most of us 17:28:35
@_discord_102899813149855744:t2bot.ioajusa#3756 I'm working on it 😢 been busy the last few months though 17:30:26
@_discord_102899813149855744:t2bot.ioajusa#3756 There are a few docs that I wrote in the repository though 17:31:01
@_discord_715234412815450182:t2bot.ioDaniel Developer joined the room.17:45:56
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@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyim trying to convert some 19 lines of js into karax/nim20:00:18
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyi used html2karax for the static page20:00:26
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandy how do you do something like document.getElementById() 20:00:53
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyok i found kdom20:06:55
@_discord_132595483838251008:t2bot.iodom96#7486 you likely want the nim stdlib dom module 20:12:38
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyok so through some github repo search i found the names for the JS functions i needed20:19:44

nim suggest is saying

ambiguous identifier: 'Event' -- use one of the following:
dom.Event: Event
vdom.Event: Event
@_discord_132595483838251008:t2bot.iodom96#7486 yeah, because karax (for silly reasons IMO) redefines the dom module 22:30:26
@_discord_132595483838251008:t2bot.iodom96#7486 You can do import vdom except Event 22:30:47
@_discord_132595483838251008:t2bot.iodom96#7486 or just write dom.Event everywhere 22:30:51
@_discord_132595483838251008:t2bot.iodom96#7486 or just use vdom.Event, I guess it should mostly be the same 22:31:07
@_discord_298181645448773632:t2bot.iodave the knave joined the room.23:48:34
2 Aug 2021
@_discord_102899813149855744:t2bot.ioajusa#3756 I don't think that's completely true, it only redefines it if there is no dom module 00:37:30

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