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15 Apr 2024
@_discord_392962235737047041:t2bot.iopmunch Is HTMX a company with a CEO? 10:01:06
@_discord_961485620075720734:t2bot.ionnsee sort of 10:03:51
@_discord_961485620075720734:t2bot.ionnsee https://bigsky.software/ 10:03:55
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16 Apr 2024
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@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar Sort of.
Main page: htmx.org
CEOs: htmx.ceo
Foundation: htmx.foundation
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar Just unhinged Montana man creating JS library which took a fight against React 05:06:38
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar Yup, man behind grug brain development, hyperscript and more 05:07:50
@_discord_392962235737047041:t2bot.iopmunch Why do you call him unhinged? I really like HTMX by the way 05:11:07
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar In positive sense ofc 05:15:01
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar Quite funny on Twitter, too 05:15:24
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar To become CEO you need to send a tweet, that's it 05:15:36
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar And I came here to spread HTMX love by being CEO. I plan to teach my colleagues about it 8-) 05:17:47
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar * And I came here to spread HTMX love by being CEO. I plan to teach my colleagues about it, as well as Nim 8-) 05:18:00
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar BTW - do somebody here use Happy x? I'm diving into it now and it looks great. Now I'm working on combining serial port handling for my initial configuration page for RPi 4, which will be built ofc using happyX w/Nim 05:19:47
@_discord_392962235737047041:t2bot.iopmunch Haven't tried it actually 05:30:47
@_discord_392962235737047041:t2bot.iopmunch Or rather I tried it once in the early days but got bitten by a lack of documentation (which I believe is now fixed) 05:31:29
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@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar Yup, now it have some sort of documentation, and it feels quite "complete" now 07:44:09
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17 Apr 2024
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