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27 Mar 2023
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28 Mar 2023
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@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo Hi all. New to NIM. Beautiful lang. 12:53:51
@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo can someone please help understand how to i echo the response from httpclient json? i already echo response.status. But I need to see the complete response 12:54:02
@_discord_259277943275126785:t2bot.ioRika response.body? 13:40:16
@_discord_1090271858659709041:t2bot.iolufi joined the room.13:55:27
@sn0re:matrix.code0.xyzenthus1astA few month ago, i started to write a blogpost for the nim website about nimja. Then life happend and it layed around. Yesterday i found it set up a blog and published this article: https://blog.code0.xyz/posts/nimja/17:00:20
@sn0re:matrix.code0.xyzenthus1astAt least its posted somewhere now :) 17:02:08
@_discord_180601887916163073:t2bot.ioPhil Out of curiosity, did anything change regarding the import thingy? 18:01:14
@sn0re:matrix.code0.xyzenthus1astbut i was looking through your app 18:02:25
@sn0re:matrix.code0.xyzenthus1asti still don't know how to do it properly18:02:56
@sn0re:matrix.code0.xyzenthus1astor, to do it at all actually18:03:07
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@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo THANKS! that worked perfect. Now, if response is in json format how to I access it? 23:14:41
@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo to( response.body ) ? 23:15:00
@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo JsonNode( response.body ) ? 23:15:19
@_discord_177365113899057152:t2bot.ioYardanico#5346 import std/json 23:21:33
@_discord_177365113899057152:t2bot.ioYardanico#5346 let myjsondata = parseJson(response.body) 23:21:38
@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo correct. That worked perfect 23:23:55
@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo echo parsedJsonObj["respuesta"] 23:24:34
@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo now im able to get individual keys 23:24:47
@_discord_783846304593477672:t2bot.iopatitofeo thanks 23:24:51

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